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Coco Coir Mix Brick - Coir Husk - 3 Pack - Plant!T JSCPB

Plant!T JSCPB - Coco Coir Mix Brick

  • Brand : Plant!T
  • Part No. : JSCPB
  • Type : Coco Based
  • OMRI Listed : Yes
  • Package Quantity : 3
    $2.05 ea.
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    Stock Code: GROW-ROCB

    5 Kg - Coco Fiber - Natural Composted Coconut Husk - Compressed - Roots Organics ROCB

    Roots Organics ROCB Coco Fiber - Compressed - 5 Kg

    Roots Organics ROCB coco fiber has a near perfect natural pH level for optimum nutrient uptake. This coco fiber is premium aged, composted for 24 months, and meticulously washed to remove excess sodium. It has been specifically designed with increased fiber content for an id ... More
    $8.21 ea

    Stock Code: SUN-715410

    4.5 Kilograms - Coco Chips Block - Natural Coconut Husk - Roots Organics 715410

    4.5 Kg - Coco Chips Block - Roots Organics

    Roots Organics 715410 Coco Chips are composed of 100% pure coco fiber from coconut husks. Roots Organics Coco Chips are ideal for mixing into outdoor potting soils or into indoor container media so that growers can adjust the air to water ratio for an optimal balance of wate ... More
    $15.45 ea

    Stock Code: SUN-723315

    1.5 cu. ft. - Organic Manna Mix - Vital Earth 723315

    1.5 cu.ft. - Organic Manna Mix - Vital Earth

    The 723315 Organic Manna Mix is Vital Earth's superior coconut-based planting mix. With Vital Earth's Coconut Pith, the holding capacity of the extra-long strands of burgundy extra-low saline content coconut coir creates the perfect water-to-air ratio for this ideal containe ... More
    $17.69 ea

    Stock Code: GROW-ROCP

    1.5 cu. ft. - CocoPalms - Natural Coconut Husk - Roots Organics ROCP

    Roots Organics ROCP - CocoPalms

    The Roots Organics ROCP CocoPalms is made from coconut husk. CocoPalms has a near perfect natural pH level for optimum nutrient uptake, and is specifically designed as the ultimate growing media for vigorous plants.
    $18.33 ea

    Stock Code: GROW-VCBPGLCO

    50 Liter - Gold Label Coco - Natural Coconut Husk - RHP Certified - HydroFarm VCBPGLCO

    50 Liter - Gold Label VCBPGLCO  - Natural Coconut Husk

    The Gold Label Coco VCBPGLCO 50-liter bag is manufactured using the fibres from the husk of the coconut. Only matured woody brown husk is used for optimum quality and stabilty of the substrate. The husk fibers are washed to remove excess EC, buffered to remove potassium and ... More
    $21.81 ea

    Stock Code: GROW-COCO50L

    50 Liter Bag - Organic Coco Substrate - RHP Certified - CANNA COCO50L

    CANNA Coco COCO50L - 50 Liter Bag

    • Brand : CANNA
    • Part No. : COCO50L
    • RHP Certified : Yes
    • Volume : 50 L
    • Case Quantity : 70
      $22.41 ea

      Stock Code: SUN-713760

      50 Liters - Special Mix Custom - 80/20 Hydro Korrels/Coco - Gold Label 713760

      Gold Label Custom 80/20 Mix - 50 Liter

      Gold Label 713760 Custom 80/20 Mix is 80% Hydro Korrels and 20% Coco with added mycorrhizae. The sodium and chloride contents are extremely low for a coco substrate, ensuring a stable behavior throughout use. It is mixed with 80% Gold Label Special Mix Hydro Korrels, which i ... More
      $27.93 ea

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