Decorative Wall Art

Stock Code: UTM-08503

Uttermost 08503 - (Set of 3) Silver Flower Wall Art - Silver Finish

Uttermost 08503 - Silver Flower Wall Art

Your walls will blossom with the Uttermost 08503 silver flower wall art fixtures. Sold in a set of three, these delightful fixtures feature assorted flower designs in a silver plated finish with a light gray wash accent and measure 17 inches in height and width. Not only can ... More
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Stock Code: UTM-13479

Uttermost 13479 - (Set of 3) Metal Golden Gazanias Wall Art - Antique Gold Leaf Finish

Uttermost 13479 - Wall Art - Golden Gazanias

Bring some life to your home decor with the Uttermost 13479 Golden Gazanias wall art. Sold in a set of three, these charming fixtures feature a gazania flower design in a Small (17x17x3), Medium (18x18x3), and Large (24x24x4) size. Constructed of hand forged and hammered met ... More
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Stock Code: UTM-13824

Uttermost 13824 - Aged Wood and Metal Wall Shelf - Natural Wood and Bronze Finish - Gualdo Collection

Uttermost 13824 - Wall Shelf - Gualdo Collection

For a rustic look and feel to your home, the Uttermost 13824 Gualdo wall shelf is a wonderful decor addition! Mixing style with function, the aged wood shelf measures 28 inches wide and extends 9 inches from the wall, offering plenty of surface space. Rustic olive bronze met ... More
$107.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-13318

Uttermost 13318 - Metal Scroll Wall Art - Aged Black and Rust Brown Finish - Fayola Collection

Uttermost 13318 - Wall Art - Fayola Collection

The Uttermost 13318 Fayola wall fixture offers a stunning design crafted of hand-forged metal. A gorgeous scroll pattern is adorned with floral damask accents all in an aged black finish with rust brown undertones and tan glaze for a distressed appearance. Measuring 50 inche ... More
$138.60 ea

Stock Code: UTM-13793

Uttermost 13793 - Winter View Wall Art - Brown and Antique Silver Leaf Finish

Uttermost 13793 - Winter View Wall Art

The Uttermost 13793 Winter View wall art will bring a rustic yet sophisticated sensibility to your home decor. A rustic brown tree design with gold highlights and a lightly antiqued silver leaf background is split into three separate wall panels. The middle panel measures 30 ... More
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Stock Code: UTM-13643

Uttermost 13643 - Decorative Wall Panels - Rust Brown and Gold Finish - Alexia Collection

Uttermost 13643 - Wall Art - Alexia Collection

Bring rustic appeal to your home with the Uttermost 13643 Alexia wall panels! These decorative panels measure 41 inches in height and feature an etched floral damask pattern in a heavily antiqued, rust brown finish with burnished distressing and gold highlights. Hang the Ale ... More
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Stock Code: UTM-13777

Uttermost 13777 - Birch Branch Wall Art - Natural Wood Finish - Josiah Collection

Uttermost 04014 - Birch Wall Art - Josiah Collection

Tune in to the natural world inside the comfort of your home with the Uttermost 13777 Josiah birch branch wall art. Measuring 27-inches across, this piece features real tree branches detailed with burnished edges and light gray accents intricately woven onto a square, window ... More
$169.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-04014

Uttermost 04014 - Pine Wood Wall Art - Natural Wood Finish - Rennick Collection

Uttermost 04014 - Wall Art - Rennick Collection

The Uttermost 04014 Rennick decorative wall art features a rustic design constructed of organic materials. This reclaimed pine wood panel measures 21 inches in height and has a square outer frame surrounded by a darted design of wood with different coloration. Hung alone or ... More
$173.80 ea


Stock Code: UTM-19736

Uttermost 19736 - Decorative Wall Sconce - Dark Bronze Finish - Holds 3 Wax Candles - Iron Branches Collection

Uttermost 19736 - Wall Sconce - Iron Brances

For a candleholder that doubles as decorative art, look no further than the Uttermost 19736 Iron Branches wall sconce. Rectangular bronze metal shapes feature sprawling branch designs. Three glass candle cups in a light green luster finish are staggered to provide balance. M ... More
$261.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-07630

Uttermost 07630 - Wood and Iron Decorative Wall Panels - Natural Wood and Iron Finish - Abelardo Collection

Uttermost 07630 - Wall Art - Abelardo Collection

The Uttermost 07630 Abelardo decorative wall panels feature a classic design with old world charm. These oversized panels measure 71 inches tall and are constructed of lightly stained wood with wrought iron details. With its distressed appearance, the Abelardo wall panels wo ... More
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Stock Code: UTM-05018

Uttermost 05018 - Iron Trees Wall Art - Antiqued Silver Champagne Finish

Uttermost 05018 - Iron Trees Wall Art

Give your walls a contemporary decor accent with the Uttermost 05018 Iron Trees wall art fixture. Measuring 53 inches wide and 32 inches high, this piece features iron tree constructions with ball accented branches that overlap and connect to create a crowded, forest-like ap ... More
$360.80 ea


Stock Code: UTM-07617

Uttermost 07617 - Decorative Wall Candle Holder - Rustic Black Finish - Holds 7 Wax Candles - Kadoka Collection

Uttermost 07617 - Candle Holder - Kadoka Collection

The Uttermost 07617 Kadoka decorative wall candle holder features seven hand-forged metal circles of varying sizes in a rustic black finish. Inside each overlapping circle is a candle holder where 3-inch distressed ivory candles are placed. Measuring 65 inches wide and 37 in ... More
$382.80 ea


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