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3 ML - Transfer Pipettes - Disposable - 20 per Pack - Hydrofarm HGPIP

Hydrofarm HGPIP - Transfer Pipettes - 3 ML

These disposable one-piece Hydrofarm HGPIP transfer pipettes are used to draw and dispense liquids in controlled, reproducible drop sizes. Transferring up to three milliliters of fluid, these pipettes provide improvements in precision, handling safety, reliability, economy, ... More
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Mini Measure Shot Glass - Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Ounce, and Milliliter Markings - Hydrofarm HGMMSG

Hydrofarm HGMMSG - Mini Measure Shot Glass

This Hydrofarm HGMMSG mini measure shot glass is calibrated for your convenience in teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, and milliliters. It features shot-glass styling, a tip-resistant base, and printed measurements in green that are easy to read. Ideal for use in your kitchen, ... More
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60 ml - Syringe with Plastic Needle - Rockwool Water Measurement - For EC and pH Tests - Grodan AD207079

Grodan AD207079 - Syringe With Plastic Needle

This Grodan AD207079 syringe is the perfect tool for taking water samples from rockwool grow media products in order to test the EC and pH levels. Simply attach the 1/4-inch plastic tubing to the syringe, extract the water from the rockwool, read the measurement between 5 an ... More
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Metal Needle - For 60CC Syringe - Stonewool Water Measurement - For EC and pH Tests - Grodan AD207057

Grodan AD207057 - Metal Needle for 60CC Syringe

Having a hard time extracting water from your stonewool grow media? This Grodan AD207057 metal needle fits the 60cc syringe (sold separately) used to measure pH and EC levels in your stonewool. Used by the pros, this needle will effortlessly penetrate deep into the grow medi ... More
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Measuring Beaker - Cups, Milliliters, Pints, and Ounce Markings - 2 Pour Spouts - Plastic - Hydrofarm HGMB

Hydrofarm HGMB - Measuring Beaker

This Hydrofarm HGMB sturdy plastic measuring beaker is a convenient way to measure out precise amounts of liquids. The measurements, which are in standard units, are permanently marked in green ink on the inside of the beaker making, it readable from both sides. With two pou ... More
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