LED T8 Bulbs

LED T8 Tube Retrofits

Previously exclusive to fluorescent technology, LED T8 tubes are slowly setting the new standard for commercial and household lighting. Although fluorescent tubes emit more light with less watts than incandescent bulbs, they are still no match for the excellence of LEDs. These LED T8 tubes can last up to three times longer than their fluorescent counterparts, while emitting the same amounts of light - and with even less watts! Make your home or workspace lighting systems even more energy and cost efficient by replacing your fluorescent tubes with these LED T8 tubes today.

3000 Kelvin

Using less than 20 watts, our 3000 Kelvin T8 LED bulbs will provide up to 50,000 hours of warm white light and create nearly $80 in lifetime energy savings. For use with non-shunted lamp holders only.

3500 Kelvin

These 3500 Kelvin T8 LED bulbs emit bright white light throughout long life spans, not only saving you energy, but maintenance costs as well. Use only with non-shunted lamp holders.

4000 Kelvin

Our collection of 4000 Kelvin T8 LED bulbs emit cool white light in beam angles from 160 to 240 degrees. With energy savings up to $77, these bulbs pay for themselves and then some! Only use with non-shunted lamp holders.

5000 Kelvin

These 5000 Kelvin T8 LED bulbs offer stark white light perfect for most indoor lighting applications. With beam angles ranging from 120 to 240 degrees, you can choose the right amount of light coverage for your space. Pair with non-shunted lamp holders.

EasyFit Retrofit

These EasyFit Retrofit T8 LED bulbs require no electrical rewiring, working directly with existing fluorescent T8 lamp fixtures and instant start ballasts. With these T8 LEDs, you can enjoy low lumen depreciation over a long life span while avoiding an expensive upgrade to a Programmed Start ballast. Just plug them in and use - it's that easy!

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