Beige and Taupe Table Lamps

Stock Code: UTM-264551

Uttermost 26455-1 - Rustic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Ivory and Dark Bronze Finish - Adelanto Collection

Uttermost 26455-1 - Table Lamp - Adelanto Collection

The rustic design of Uttermost 26455-1 Adelanto table lamp creates and excellent lighting decor atmosphere for any room's arrangement. The rectangle base features a textured ceramic construction with an antiqued ivory glaze with metallic bronze and rusty orange drip finish. ... More
$162.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26785

Uttermost 26785 - Antiqued Table Lamp - 1 Light - Crackled Ivory Finish - Fobello Collection

Uttermost 26785 - Table Lamp - Fobello Collection

The Uttermost 26785 Fobello table lamp offers an antiqued and elegant home lighting decor option, suitable for any home's interior decor theme. The ceramic lamp body features a distressed, crackled ivory finish with tan undertones, rustic accents and dark bronze details. The ... More
$173.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26438

Uttermost 26438 - Vintage Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Pecan and Gray Finish - Saviano Collection

Uttermost 26438 - Table Lamp - Saviano Collection

For delightful vintage and chic lighting and home decor, look no further then Uttermost 26438 Saviano table lamp. The elegant aged pecan finish and light gray wash gives the lamp base a polished feel. The rectangle straight sided shade is made of off-white linen fabric with ... More
$204.60 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264451

Uttermost 26445-1 - Woven Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Pecan and Gray Finish - Cestino Collection

Uttermost 26445-1 - Table Lamp - Cestino Collection

Consider the Uttermost 26445-1 Cestino lamp as a rich and contemporary lighting addition for any room in your home. The body of the lamp presents an exquisite woven design finished in distressed light pecan accented with a gray wash. The overall enchanting arrangement is ecl ... More
$213.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-27437

Uttermost 27437 - Crackled Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Ivory and Rust Bronze Finish - Francavilla Collection

Uttermost 27437 - Table Lamp - Francavilla Collection

The Uttermost 27437 Francavilla table lamp is an excellent decor addition for any home's interior design. The lamp body features crackled ivory ceramic with rust bronze detailing, mounted on a pedestal-like bronze foot. The oval bell shade is made from khaki linen fabric, ma ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-27208

Uttermost 27208 - Antler Table Lamp - 1 Light - Natural Brown and Ivory Finish - Stag Horn Collection

Uttermost 27208 - Table Lamp - Stag Horn Collection

The Uttermost 27208 Stag Horn table lamp offers a bold, nature-inspired design ideal for a home with rustic decor elements. Constructed of resin, the body of this table lamp features a two antler molds in a natural brown and ivory bone finish with scratched silver and cast a ... More
$217.80 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1077

Flambeau TA1077 - Sculpted Rosette Table Lamp - 1 Light - Tan and Cream Finish - La Fleurette Collection

Flambeau TA1077 - Custom Table Lamp - La Fleurette

With an ornament formed like a small conventionalized flower, this Flambeau TA1077 one light table lamp from the La Fleurette Collection creates a romantic theme to your interior design. This lamp features a gold star-shaped base to support the cream and tan metal stem that ... More
$250.00 ea


Stock Code: UTM-26512

Uttermost 26512 - Handcarved Table Lamp - 1 Light - Stone Finish - Travertine Collection

Uttermost 26512 - Table Lamp - Travertine Collection

This hand-carved stone lighting accessory is an exquisite and regal addition to any room's decor. The Uttermost 26512 Travertine table lamp is made of hand-carved Travertine stone, encased with antiqued silver metal with champagne highlights. The oatmeal linen shade creates ... More
$250.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26533

Uttermost 26533 - Beaded Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Sandstone Finish - Cumberland Collection

Uttermost 26533 - Table Lamp - Cumberland Collection

Add texture and elegant home lighting to any living room, bedroom or entryway, with Uttermost 26533 Cumberland table lamp. The lamp features a beaded ceramic body finished in a pale sandstone with dark bronze details. The simplistic rectangle bell shade is made of khaki line ... More
$250.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26737

Uttermost 26737 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Aged Ivory Finish - Rory Collection

Uttermost 26737 - Table Lamp - Rory Collection

With it's crackled aged ivory glazed porcelain body, the Uttermost 26737 Rory table lamp is a refreshing accent suitable for any room's interior arrangement. The minimal appearance of the rectangle bell crushed, silken, golden champagne shade increases the elegance of the la ... More
$257.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264441

Uttermost 26444-1 - Textured Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Beige and Polished Silver Finish - Allegheny Collection

Uttermost 26444-1 - Table Lamp - Allegheny Collection

The Uttermost 26444-1 Allegheny table lamp invites a certain rustic elegance to any living room, bedroom, or study. The lamp's ceramic base features a dusty beige finish with raised silver accents, adding texture and modernistic design. The simple oatmeal linen fabric lamp s ... More
$261.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264821

Uttermost 26482-1 - Ceramic Horse Table Lamp - 1 Light - Crackled Ivory and Acrylic Finish - Rathin Collection

Uttermost 26482-1 - Table Lamp - Rathin Collection

The Uttermost 26482-1 Rathin table lamp is an exquisite and interesting home lighting element. The body of the lamp is a horse's head finished in crackled ivory with a dark brown glaze atop an acrylic foot. The slightly tapered, rectangle shade is made of a beige linen fabri ... More
$272.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264731

Uttermost 26473-1 - Column Table Lamp - 1 Light - Wood Tones and Gray Finish - Villaurbana Collection

Uttermost 26473-1 - Table Lamp - Villaurbana

Consider the Uttermost 26473-1 Villaurbana lamp as a rich and contemporary lighting addition for any room in your home. The columned body reveals a twisting, carved detailing sitting atop a rustic bronze foot. The lamp shade features weather resistant oatmeal linen material. ... More
$283.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26981

Uttermost 26981 - Classic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Mother of Pearl Finish - Pearl Collection

Uttermost 26981 - Table Lamp - Pearl Collection

The Uttermost 26981 Pearl table lamp is a breathtaking lighting decor accessory suitable for any home's interior design theme. The stylish body features mother of pearl shell and silver metal details. The simple silkened champagne lamp shade makes this table lamp a perfect a ... More
$349.80 ea

Stock Code: FLAM-TA1098

Flambeau TA1098 - Gilded Table Lamp - 1 Light - Black and Cream Finish - Sphere Collection

Flambeau TA1098 - Table Lamp - Sphere

This striking spherical table lamp, Flambeau TA1098, brings together a host of geometrical shapes to astounding effect. The gilded large sphere globe sits above a flat square base. Topping this lamp, a cream shade detailed with a black soutache and gold spiral finial. With i ... More
$350.00 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1078

Flambeau TA1078 - Festive Table Lamp - 1 Light - Black and Cream Finish - Le Cirque Collection

Flambeau TA1078 - Table Lamp - Le Cirque

Introducing the fun new Flambeau TA1078 festive table lamp from the Le Cirque Collection! Architectural elements include sculpted gold legs that support a red and tan sphere and sculpted highlights that flank a black and cream metal stem. Topping this whimsical lamp, an inve ... More
$350.01 ea


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