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Stock Code: FLAM-TA1058

Flambeau TA1058 - Stunning Table Lamp - 1 Light - Black Finish - Liberte Collection

Flambeau TA1058 - Lamp - 1 Light - Liberte

This stunning Flambeau TA1058 lamp features an Eiffel Tower shaped base, studded mid-way, and crowned with a torch-like copper leaf flame. An inverted shade with gold leaf detail and gold finial complete the look. Inspired by the national motto for France, this Liberte Colle ... More
$350.00 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1009

Flambeau TA1009 - Decorative Table Lamp - 1 Light - Black and Taupe Finish - La Fleux Collection

Flambeau TA1009 - Lamp - 1 Light - La Fleux

A gold leaf sculpted blossom bursts from the black and taupe striped stem on this Flambeau TA1009 Decorative Table Lamp from the La Fleur Collection. Simulate a New Orleans style with the decorative plate base, stripped shade, and gold leaf ball-shaped finial. It's an alluri ... More
$350.01 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1078

Flambeau TA1078 - Festive Table Lamp - 1 Light - Black and Cream Finish - Le Cirque Collection

Flambeau TA1078 - Table Lamp - Le Cirque

Introducing the fun new Flambeau TA1078 festive table lamp from the Le Cirque Collection! Architectural elements include sculpted gold legs that support a red and tan sphere and sculpted highlights that flank a black and cream metal stem. Topping this whimsical lamp, an inve ... More
$350.01 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1117

Flambeau TA1117 - French Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Black Finish - Derbigny Collection

Flambeau TA1117 - Table Lamp - Derbigny Collection

Inspired by the sixth governor of Louisiana, Peirre Derbigny, this Flambeau TA1117 table lamp brings a classic French style that blends into a traditional interior design. This lamp features two sculpted shrouded goddesses on each side of the neck, offering a haunting silhou ... More
$437.80 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1121

Flambeau TA1121 - Oversized Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold Finish - Villere Collection

Flambeau TA1121 - Table Lamp -  Villere Collection

With an ancient yet modern appearance, the hand painted Flambeau TA1121 table lamp unites a time-worn design with contemporary elements. The stunning lamp has a gold body with handles on both sides, accented by a bronze pigment that emanates down the to the base. A tan shade ... More
$438.00 ea


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