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Stock Code: UTM-26788

Uttermost 26788 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Light Blue and Aluminum Finish - Lilia Collection

Uttermost 26788 - Table Lamp - Lilia Collection

Bring an elegant, yet subdued decor atmosphere to your home with the Uttermost 26788 Lilia table lamp. Featuring a crackled light blue ceramic accent with a brushed aluminum body, the lamp conveys a soft, classic look. The overall appearance is completed with a round hardbac ... More
$160.60 ea

Stock Code: UTM-27455

Uttermost 27455 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Blue and Rust Finish - Valenza Collection

Uttermost 27455 - Table Lamp - Valenza Collection

Old World design elements and contemporary style come together with the Uttermost 27455 Valenza table lamp. The ceramic lamp body features a beautiful figure-eight pattern and a cool, blue glaze with rust distressing. An antique silver leaf foot is complemented by an oval be ... More
$162.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26492

Uttermost 26492 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Powder Blue Finish - Turkana Collection

Uttermost 26492 - Table Lamp - Turkana Collection

The crackled, cut-out design of Uttermost 26492 Turkana table lamp offers a unique, vintage feel fit for any home's interior arrangement. The ceramic body is finished in powder blue and accented with brushed aluminum details. The oval, slightly tapered hardback shade is cons ... More
$173.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26298-1

Uttermost 26298-1 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aged Ivory Drip and Blue Finish - Latah Collection

Uttermost 26298-1 - Table Lamp - Latah Collection

The Uttermost 26298-1 Latah table lamp incorporates a combination of rustic and vintage charm. From the front and back convex shade in a silkened off-white fabric, to the intricate aged ivory drip and mottled blue glaze, this lamp is a perfect addition to any living room, be ... More
$195.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26441

Uttermost 26441 - Ribbed Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Blue and Dark Bronze Finish - Montagano Collection

Uttermost 26441 - Table Lamp - Montagano Collection

The Uttermost 26441 Montagano table lamp brings a stylish atmosphere to any living room, bedroom, or study. The elegant, ribbed column-like base is finished in distressed blue glaze with a dark bronze drip and antique bronze details. The round hardback shade in silken bronze ... More
$195.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26794

Uttermost 26794 - Rustic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aqua Blue Finish - Bettona Collection

Uttermost 26794 - Table Lamp - Bettona Collection

The elegant and rustic design of the Uttermost 26794 Bettona table lamp offers a shabby chic lighting accent for any unique decor theme. The ceramic lamp body features an antiqued aqua blue crackled glaze finish with dark rustic bronze metal details. The simplistic round bel ... More
$204.60 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26347

Uttermost 26347 - Elegant Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Blue Glaze and Silver Leaf Finish - Lynden Collection

Uttermost 26347 - Table Lamp - Lynden Collection

For a vintage and trendy home lighting decorations, look no further then Uttermost 26347 Lynden table lamp. The tastefully shaped base is finished in aged blue with silver-gray distressing and silver leaf details. The shade is perfectly matched to the base with its light gra ... More
$205.16 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26346

Uttermost 26346 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Sky Blue Crackled Finish - Chelan Collection

Uttermost 26346 - Table Lamp - Chelan Collection

The Uttermost 26346 Chelan table lamp is a shabby chic home decor element. The lamp base features a lovely, triangular design, finished in a crackled sky blue glaze with nickel-plated details. The round, tapered lamp shade is made of white linen fabric. Give any room of your ... More
$206.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26625

Uttermost 26625 - Porcelain Table Lamp - 1 Light - Light Blue Finish - Reynosa Collection

Uttermost 26625 - Table Lamp - Reynosa Collection

The Uttermost 26625 Reynosa table lamp invites a strong, bold and simple home lighting atmosphere to any living room, entryway, bedroom or entertainment room. The lamp features a blue-gray wash on crackled porcelain, with artfully carved leaves at the top of the base. The ha ... More
$213.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26783

Uttermost 26783 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Light Blue Finish - Rossa Collection

Uttermost 26783 - Table Lamp - Rossa Collection

For decorative and elegant home decor, look no further than the Uttermost 26783 Rossa table lamp. The crackled ceramic body is finished in light blue with polished nickel details, mounted on a black foot. The modern lamp body is accentuated by the simple white linen fabric s ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26822

Uttermost 26822 - Antiqued Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Crackled Blue Finish - Deniz Collection

Uttermost 26822 - Table Lamp - Deniz Collection

The Uttermost 26822 Deniz table lamp offers a stylish home lighting decor element with an antiqued, Old World feel. The lamp features a crackled blue ceramic base with distressed beading and ornate leaf accents in a gray wash and antiqued silver champagne finish. The round s ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-27413

Uttermost 27413 - Crackled Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Blue and Silver Leaf Finish - Francavilla Collection

Uttermost 27413 - Table Lamp - Francavilla Collection

The Uttermost 27413 Francavilla table lamp is an excellent decor addition for any home's interior design. The ceramic lamp body features a crackled blue finish with silver leaf detailing, mounted on a square black foot. The oval bell shade is made from light khaki linen fabr ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-268251

Uttermost 26825-1 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Blue Finish - Padula Collection

Uttermost 26825-1 - Table Lamp - Padula Collection

The Uttermost 26825-1 Padula lamp invites elegance and uniqueness to your home. A perfect addition to any boys room, living room, game room or office. The glossy blue glaze is accented with charcoal gray and rust drips over the round ceramic base of the lamp, mounted on a ma ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-268261

Uttermost 26826-1 - Crackled Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Powder Blue Finish - Civitella Collection

Uttermost 26826-1 - Table Lamp - Civitella Collection

The Uttermost 26826-1 Civitella table lamp is an excellent lighting addition to any living room, bedroom, or entryway. The crackled powder blue finish is accented with sandstone undertones and heavily antiqued silver details on the ribbed ceramic lamp base. The oval modified ... More
$250.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26807

Uttermost 26807 - Pitted Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aquamarine Finish - Destin Collection

Uttermost 26807 - Table Lamp - Desin Collection

Add simple texture and elegant home lighting to any living room, bedroom or entryway, with Uttermost 26807 Destin table lamp. The lamp features a pitted ceramic body finished in an aquamarine glaze with tan undertones and brushed coffee bronze details. The rectangle bell sha ... More
$257.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26736

Uttermost 26736 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Sky Blue Finish - Rory Collection

Uttermost 26736 - Table Lamp - Rory Collection

With it's crackled sky blue glazed porcelain body, the Uttermost 26736 Rory table lamp is a refreshing accent suitable for any room's interior arrangement. The minimal appearance of the rectangle bell crushed, silken, golden champagne shade increases the elegance of the lamp ... More
$257.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26747

Uttermost 26747 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Blue and Black Finish - Neela Collection

Uttermost 26747 - Table Lamp - Neela Collection

The sleek design of Uttermost 26747 Neela table lamp creates a modern and timeless home lighting choice for any entryway, living room, or personal study. The iceberg blue and black ceramic body is accented with split bamboo details and silver champagne and oil-rubbed bronze ... More
$257.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264661

Uttermost 26466-1 - Distressed Table Lamp - 1 Light - Crackled Blue and Bronze Finish - Lupara Collection

Uttermost 26466-1 - Table Lamp - Lupara Collection

The ribbed body of Uttermost 26466-1 Lupara table lamp adds an exquisite lighting accent to any home decor. The ceramic base is finished in a distressed, crackled blue glaze with rustic bronze details and gold highlights. The golden bronze lamp shade elegantly completes the ... More
$272.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26557

Uttermost 26557 - Textured Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Light Blue Finish - Caminata Collection

Uttermost 26557 - Table Lamp - Caminata Collection

The light blue finish of Uttermost 26557 Caminata ceramic table lamp creates an airy, blissful and delightful atmosphere suitable for any kitchen, living room, bathroom, or personal study. The textured base also contains hints of rust distressing, tan glaze and antiqued silv ... More
$272.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-274751

Uttermost 27475-1 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Blue Finish - Risgnano Collection

Uttermost 27475-1 - Table Lamp - Risgnano Collection

The pierced, crackled ceramic body of Uttermost 27475-1 Rosignano table lamp offers a unique, vintage feel fit for any home's interior arrangement. The oval shaped body is finished in aged blue with rust distressing, silver champagne metal details and a blue finial accent. T ... More
$371.80 ea

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