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Stock Code: FLAM-TA1008

Flambeau TA1008 - Console Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Black Finish - Noma Luxe Collection

Flambeau TA1008 - Lamp - 1 Light - Noma Luxe

This Flambeau TA1008 Console Table Lamp from the Noma Luxe Collection is perfect for any interior! It features a gold and black striped square base raised on small round gold leaf feet, metal stem embellished with sculpted palm-inspired element, and a ball finial on top. The ... More
$350.01 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1030

Flambeau TA1030 - Retro Table Lamp - 2 Light - Gold Finish - Nettle Luxe Collection

Flambeau TA1030 - Lamp - 2 Light - Nettle Luxe

Combining art and design with intriguing function, this Flambeau TA1030 table lamp from the Nettle Luxe Collection will add a touch of intrigue and whimsy to any room. It features spiky nettle flourishes as the decorative finial, a star-shaped base, and striped shades of gol ... More
$350.01 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1002

Flambeau TA1002 - Whimsical Buffet Lamp - 1 Light - Gold Finish - Pompadour Luxe Collection

Flambeau TA1002 - Lamp - 1 Light - Pompadour Luxe

Combining art and design with intriguing functionality, this Flambeau TA1002 buffet lamp from the Pompadour Luxe Collection brings a fresh twist to vintage elements. With a medium base and 100 maximum watts, this lamp has a gold finish and features whimsical molded duck feet ... More
$350.01 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1006

Flambeau TA1006 - Intriguing Buffet Lamp - 1 Light - Gold Finish - Anemone Collection

Flambeau TA1006 - Lamp - 1 Light - Anemone

A delightful vision from designer Paul Gruer, this Flambeau TA1006 Buffet Lamp is both unique and intriguing. It features a star-shaped base with a gold leaf, taupe, and cream striped metal stem. Atop of the stem sits a delightful gold leaf sculpted blossom. With the inverte ... More
$350.01 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1126M

Flambeau TA1126-M - New World Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Mustard Yellow Finish - Bienville Collection

Flambeau TA1126-M - Table Lamp - Bienville Collection

  • Brand : Flambeau
  • Family : Bienville
  • Part No. : TA1126-M
  • Bulbs Included : No
  • Height : 30 in.
  • Diameter : 18 in.
  • Finish : Mustard Yellow/Gold
  • Maximum Wattage : 100 Watt
  • Number of Sockets : 1
  • Shade Type : Gold Silk
    $394.00 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1018

    Flambeau TA1018 - Greek Table Lamp - 1 Light - Silver and Gold Finish - Amphor Luxe Collection

    Flambeau TA1018 - Lamp - 1 Light - Amphor Luxe

    This Flambeau TA1018 table lamp was designed with ancient Greece and Roman influences. The Amphor Luxe Collection presents an acid washed gold and silver leaf molded jar with crystal ornaments hanging from its handles. A square pedestal base and inverted acid washed metal sh ... More
    $394.01 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1126

    Flambeau TA1126 - New World Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Silver Finish - Bienville Collection

    Flambeau TA1126 - Table Lamp -  Bienville Collection

    Uniquely designed with a timeless appeal, the Flambeau TA1126 table lamp adds a classic finish to any room. This beautiful lamp features a gold and silver base, embellished with a whimsical design. A cylindrical, gilded shade sits above the body with a gold finial to complem ... More
    $407.21 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1118S

    Flambeau TA1118-S - Bold Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Silver Finish - Jackson Collection

    Flambeau TA1118-S - Table Lamp - Jackson Collection

    With gold leaf mounting on either side, the Flambeau TA1118-S table lamp from the Jackson collection is a timeless addition to any room! Finished in silver and gold, this lamp features a handcrafted, Grecian-style jar base, augmented by the simplicity of an off-white shade. ... More
    $416.00 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1004

    Flambeau TA1004 - Crackled Buffet Lamp - 1 Light - Gold Finish - Madison Collection

    Flambeau TA1004 - Lamp - 1 Light - Madison

    This transitional Flambeau TA1004 Buffet Lamp features a pyramid-shaped lamp base spearing a decorative sculpted stem spiked with crystals. The custom metal shade stands out with a glazed and crackled putty finish. Display in pairs for an eye-catching decor element!
    $416.02 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1117

    Flambeau TA1117 - French Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Black Finish - Derbigny Collection

    Flambeau TA1117 - Table Lamp - Derbigny Collection

    Inspired by the sixth governor of Louisiana, Peirre Derbigny, this Flambeau TA1117 table lamp brings a classic French style that blends into a traditional interior design. This lamp features two sculpted shrouded goddesses on each side of the neck, offering a haunting silhou ... More
    $437.80 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1121

    Flambeau TA1121 - Oversized Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold Finish - Villere Collection

    Flambeau TA1121 - Table Lamp -  Villere Collection

    With an ancient yet modern appearance, the hand painted Flambeau TA1121 table lamp unites a time-worn design with contemporary elements. The stunning lamp has a gold body with handles on both sides, accented by a bronze pigment that emanates down the to the base. A tan shade ... More
    $438.00 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1119

    Flambeau TA1119 - Basin Table Lamp - 1 Light - Brown and Gold Finish - Ursuline Collection

    Flambeau TA1119 - Table Lamp - Ursuline Collection

    Add a Romanesque appearance to your home with this majestic table lamp! With handles on either side, the hand painted Flambeau TA1119 lamp features a brown and gold basin-like base, topped by a cylindrical, black shade. Just above the shade is a gold finial, complementing th ... More
    $438.00 ea

    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1045

    Flambeau TA1045 - Delightful Buffet Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Silver Finish - Kristal Collection

    Flambeau TA1045 - Lamp - 1 Light - Kristal

    There is a delightful simplicity to this Flambeau TA1045 buffet lamp from the Kristal Collection. This transitional lamp features an inverted putty color acid washed shade and delicate gold leaf branches that spike cut glass jewels on a gold leaf metal stem. The tree-like st ... More
    $438.00 ea


    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1057

    Flambeau TA1057 - Designer Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold Finish - Bird Land Collection

    Flambeau TA1057 - Lamp - 1 Light - Bird Land

    This Flambeau TA1057 table lamp from the Bird Land Collection has noticeable design features that can be described as an eclectic style. Crackled putty finishes with gold leaf and cream stripes on the shade of this buffet lamp add an element of age to a youthful melange. The ... More
    $438.00 ea


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