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Stock Code: UTM-26791

Uttermost 26791 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Red Brown Finish - Varallo Collection

Uttermost 26791 - Table Lamp - Varallo Collection

For modern, timeless home decor, look no further then Uttermost 26791 Varallo table lamp. The ceramic body is finished in reddish brown, with coffee bronze details. The round bell shade is constructed with silken golden taupe linen fabric. Open your home to classic lighting ... More
$153.66 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26784

Uttermost 26784 - Rustic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Black, Red and Ivory Finish - Cervatto Collection

Uttermost 26784 - Table Lamp - Cervatto Collection

The Uttermost 26784 Cervatto lamp invites elegance and uniqueness to any living room, game room or office. The lamp's metallic black neck and foot is accentuated by the rustic red and antiqued ivory body with polished nickel accents. Atop the stylish base is a rectangle bell ... More
$191.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26345

Uttermost 26345 - Embossed Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Red, Black and Rust Brown Finish - Centralia Collection

Uttermost 26345 - Table Lamp - Centralia Collection

For a modern and rustic home lighting decor accent, look no further then Uttermost 26345 Centralia table lamp. The stylish ceramic body is finish in a deep red glass with aged black undertones and rust brown accents. The simple oatmeal linen lamp shade makes this lighting ac ... More
$195.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26326

Uttermost 26326 - Woven Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aged Red Finish - Pavia Collection

Uttermost 26326 - Table Lamp - Pavia Collection

Consider the Uttermost 26326 Pavia lamp as a rich and contemporary lighting addition for any room in your home. The body of the lamp presents an exquisite woven design finished in an aged deep red with antiqued silver beaded accents, mounted on a matte black foot with heavil ... More
$197.33 ea

Stock Code: UTM-27678

Uttermost 27678 - Floral Print Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Red and Orange Finish - Colorful Flowers Collection

Uttermost 27678 - Table Lamp - Colorful Flowers

Liven up your home with the Uttermost 27678 Colorful Flowers table lamp! Supported on a raised base, the square body of the lamp features a vibrant floral print in autumnal hues of red, orange, and yellow. Burnished walnut finished details balance the print while a rectangle ... More
$213.40 ea


Stock Code: UTM-26290-1

Uttermost 26290-1 - Modern Veneer Table Lamp - 2 Light - Burnt Red Wood and Aluminum Finish - Brimley Collection

Uttermost 26290-1 - Table Lamp - Brimley Collection

For the modern home, the Uttermost 26290-1 Brimley 2-light table lamp will bring a futuristic twist to the existing decor. The lamp features a veneer base finished in burnt red with brushed aluminum accents. The silken golden champagne shade is the perfect finishing touch to ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26517

Uttermost 26517 - Crackled Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Dark Red Finish - Suri Collection

Uttermost 26517 - Table Lamp - Suri Collection

For a modern and rustic home lighting decor accent, look no further then Uttermost 26517 Suri table lamp. The heavily crackled ceramic body is finished in dark red with dark bronze details, mounted on a black foot. The simple rectangle oatmeal linen lamp shade makes this lig ... More
$239.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26740

Uttermost 26740 - Porcelain Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Red and Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish - Abiona Collection

Uttermost 26740 - Table Lamp - Abiona Collection

The artful Uttermost 26740 Abiona table lamp creates a distinguished lighting atmosphere for any classic living room, entryway, bedroom, or personal office. The porcelain lamp features a distressed, burnished red glaze with natural undertones and oil-rubbed bronze details. A ... More
$250.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26348

Uttermost 26348 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-way Rotary Switch - Crackled Red and Brown Finish - Mataline Collection

Uttermost 26348 - Table Lamp - Mataline Collection

The Uttermost 26348 Mataline table lamp is a classic and rustic home lighting decor accent. The stylish ceramic body is finished in a crackled red with rust brown details. The simple rust linen lamp shade makes this lighting accessory a perfect addition to any living room, d ... More
$257.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26684

Uttermost 26684 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Burgundy Finish - Rory Collection

Uttermost 26684 - Table Lamp - Rory Collection

The Uttermost 26684 Rory table lamp features a classic design that will complement any room of your home. This table lamp has a burgundy finish with light distressing on each crease and coffee bronze metal details on the base and near the socket. To complete the look, a rect ... More
$257.40 ea


Stock Code: FLAM-TA1101

Flambeau TA1101 - Devilish Table Lamp - 1 Light - Red Finish - Dante Collection

Flambeau TA1101 - Table Lamp - Dante

If you are looking for a devilish red table lamp to complete a contemporary interior design, look no further! This Flambeau TA1101 one light table lamp offers a strikingly bold style with its red two-tier stem, star-shaped gold base and black shade crowned with a gold pointe ... More
$275.00 ea


Stock Code: UTM-26529

Uttermost 26529 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Russet Finish - Solano Collection

Uttermost 26529 - Table Lamp - Solano Collection

The Uttermost 26529 Solano table lamp is a simplistic home lighting option that will provide an elegant feel for any living room, entry way, or bedroom. Featuring a ceramic base, the Solano lamp is finished in a glossy, burnt russet glaze with dark bronze accents and antique ... More
$283.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26465

Uttermost 26465 - Ribbed Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Red and Golden Bronze Finish - Rosso Collection

Uttermost 26465 - Table Lamp - Rosso Collection

The ribbed design on the body of Uttermost 26465 Rosso table lamp adds a unique home decor style to any lighting application. The ceramic base is constructed with a dark red finish with burnished accents and golden bronze details. The rusty beige linen lamp shade completes a ... More
$301.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26728

Uttermost 26728 - Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Cinnamon Red and Bronze Finish - Daviel Collection

Uttermost 26728 - Table Lamp - Daviel Collection

Bring an elegant, yet subdued decor atmosphere to your home with the Uttermost 26728 Daviel table lamp. Featuring a cinnamon red ceramic body with coffee bronze details, the lamp conveys a classic look. The overall appearance is completed with the round bell, crushed, silken ... More
$323.91 ea

Stock Code: FLAM-TA1104

Flambeau TA1104 - Alluring Table Lamp - 1 Light - Red Finish - Marie Collection

Flambeau TA1104 - Table Lamp - Marie Collection

Three descending red spheres provide an alluring effect to this appealing Flambeau TA1104 one light table lamp from the Marie Collection. Topped with a black painted shade and spiral finial, this lamp has a versatile look that's great for casual and contemporary interiors.
$328.00 ea


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