Silver Table Lamps

Stock Code: UTM-26343

Uttermost 26343 - Vintage Style Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Antiqued Silver-Champagne Leaf and Clear Finish - Palouse Collection

Uttermost 26343 - Table Lamp - Palouse Collection

The Uttermost Palouse 26343 table lamp incorporates a combination of modern and vintage charm. The intricate lightly twisted look of the body is finished in silver-champagne leaf accented with a crystal foot. A round, off-white linen shade sits on top, complementing the soft ... More
$173.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26341

Uttermost 26341 - Scroll Table Lamp - 1 Light - Antiqued Silver Champagne and Dark Bronze Finish - Ferndale Collection

Uttermost 26341 - Table Lamp - Ferndale Collection

The graceful design of Uttermost 26341 Ferndale lighting decor is attributed to the soft, polished scrolling of the lamp's base. The base is finished in antiqued silver-champagne and mounted on a dark bronze foot. The lamp shade is a rectangle hardback in off-white linen fab ... More
$173.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26821

Uttermost 26821 - Modern Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aluminum and Crystal Finish - Morgana Collection

Uttermost 26821 - Table Lamp - Morgana Collection

Invite elegantly modern home lighting decor accents into your home with Uttermost 26821 Morgana table lamp. Featuring polished aluminum construction with alternate crystal disks and matte black accents, the Morgana table lamp makes an exquisite lighting option for any living ... More
$195.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264531

Uttermost 26453-1 - Water Glass Table Lamp - 1 Light - Crackled Polished Chrome Finish - Vizzini Collection

Uttermost 26453-1 - Table Lamp - Vizzini Collection

The Uttermost 26453-1 Vizzini table lamp offers a whimsical yet sophisticated design that will liven up any room of your home, from the living room to your bedroom. Featuring a curvaceous shape, the lamp body is a constructed of water glass providing an uneven, rippled textu ... More
$204.60 ea


Stock Code: UTM-26339

Uttermost 26339 - Metallic Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Silver and Champagne Finish - Everson Collection

Uttermost 26339 - Table Lamp - Everson Collection

The Uttermost 26339 Everson table lamp is an unique and elegant home lighting accent. The lamp features a dimpled ceramic base in plated metallic silver and brushed silver-champagne metal details. The rectangle off-white linen fabric shade balances the lamp's overall appeara ... More
$213.40 ea

Stock Code: UTM-29325

Uttermost 29325 - Ribbed Pillar Table Lamp - 1 Light - Mercury Glass and Aluminum Finish - Canino Collection

Uttermost 29325 - Table Lamp - Canino Collection

The Uttermost 29325 Canino pillar table lamp offers a glamorous and refined interior design perspective. Mounted on a square brushed aluminum pedestal, the lamp body is constructed of ribbed mercury glass. The lamp's rectangular, hardback shade is made with silken bronze lin ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-264641

Uttermost 26464-1 - Modern Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Wire and Aluminum Finish - Barzillay Collection

Uttermost 26464-1 - Table Lamp - Barzillay Collection

The unique design of Uttermost 26464-1 Barzillay table lamp offers contemporary decor for home lighting applications. The column base is finished in brushed aluminum with a metal wire sphere. The simplistic round hardback shade is made of silver taupe linen fabric and compli ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26764

Uttermost 26764 - Modern Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aluminum and Crystal Finish - Rainier Collection

Uttermost 26764 - Table Lamp - Rainier Collection

The Uttermost 26764 Rainier table lamp is a regal and distinguished home lighting accent suitable for any interior decor theme. The body of the lamp features brushed aluminum finished metal with two circle designs with crystal details. The minimal appearance of the rectangle ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-27428

Uttermost 27428 - Textured Ceramic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Silver and Gray Wash Finish - Navelli Collection

Uttermost 27428 - Table Lamp - Navelli Collection

Bring refined glamour to any room with the Uttermost 27428 Navelli table lamp. The round, ceramic body features a metallic silver finish with a gray wash, giving the lamp a beautifully subtle floral texture. A clear, crystal base and polished nickel-plated details provide el ... More
$217.80 ea


Stock Code: UTM-262891

Uttermost 26289-1 - Ribbed Glass Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Mercury and Brushed Aluminum Finish - Canino Collection

Uttermost 26289-1 - Table Lamp - Canino Collection

The Uttermost 26289-1 Canino table lamp offers a glamorous appearance with an Art Deco-inspired design. Supported on a square brushed aluminum base, the lamp body is constructed of ribbed mercury glass that gives of a silver, metallic sheen. To complete the look, a rectangul ... More
$217.80 ea


Stock Code: UTM-26280-1

Uttermost 26280-1 - Modern Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Chrome and Crystal Finish - Rodeshia Collection

Uttermost 26280-1 - Table Lamp - Rodeshia Collection

The Uttermost 26280-1 Rodeshia table lamp is an elegant and modern decor accent. The Rodeshia lamp features three chrome rods, each with a crystal ball accent. The lamp's shade is a rectangle, hardback shade in a silken champagne fabric. To utilize the 3-way rotary switch fe ... More
$217.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26689

Uttermost 26689 - Stacked Spheres Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Silver Finish - Sachie Collection

Uttermost 26689 - Table Lamp - Sachie Collection

Invite modern and distinguished home lighting decor accents into your home with Uttermost 26689 Sachie table lamp. The stacked silver spheres accentuate the square pedestal base. The square, semi bell shade is made from silkened champagne fabric with a vertical pattern and t ... More
$239.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-26439

Uttermost 26439 - Vintage Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Aged Ivory Finish - Gilman Collection

Uttermost 26439 - Table Lamp

The Uttermost 26439 Gillman table lamp brings a stylish atmosphere to any living room, bedroom, or study. The elegant base is finished in aged ivory with antique silver leaf details and topped with a beige linen shade. Use a 3-way light bulb to enjoy three different lighting ... More
$239.80 ea

Stock Code: UTM-268201

Uttermost 26820-1 - Mosaic Table Lamp - 1 Light - Shell and Gray Finish - Consilina Collection

Uttermost 26820-1 - Table Lamp - Consilina Collection

The Uttermost 26820-1 Consilina table lamp is a breathtaking lighting decor accessory suitable for any home's interior design theme. The stylish hourglass shaped body features shell tiles in charcoal gray grout and bronze metal details. The simple rectangle silver taupe fabr ... More
$250.80 ea

Stock Code: HVL-L433-AS

Hudson Valley L433-AS - Pharmacy Desk Lamp - 1 Light - Aged Silver Finish - Girard Collection

Hudson Valley Lighting L433-AS

  • Brand : Hudson Valley Lighting
  • Family : Girard
  • Part No. : L433-AS
  • Bulbs Included : No
  • Dimmable : Yes
  • Height : 13 in./20.5 in.
  • Extension : 19 in.
  • Finish : Aged Silver
  • Maximum Wattage : 60 Watt
  • Socket Type : Medium (E26)
  • UL Listed : Indoor Only
    $259.00 ea


    Stock Code: UTM-264441

    Uttermost 26444-1 - Textured Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Beige and Polished Silver Finish - Allegheny Collection

    Uttermost 26444-1 - Table Lamp - Allegheny Collection

    The Uttermost 26444-1 Allegheny table lamp invites a certain rustic elegance to any living room, bedroom, or study. The lamp's ceramic base features a dusty beige finish with raised silver accents, adding texture and modernistic design. The simple oatmeal linen fabric lamp s ... More
    $261.80 ea

    Stock Code: UTM-26281

    Uttermost 26281 - Glass Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Chrome and Crystal Finish - Almira Collection

    Uttermost 26281 - Table Lamp - Almira Collection

    For a multi-material lighting option, look no further than Uttermost 26281 Almira table lamp. The antique silver leaf finished oval portion of the lamp is mounted on a chunky crystal base. The shade is silken chocolate bronze fabric with subtle slubbing. To utilize the 3-way ... More
    $272.80 ea

    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1017S

    Flambeau TA1017-S - Vintage Table Lamp - 1 Light - Silver Finish - Caryatid Collection

    Flambeau TA1017-S - Lamp - 1 Light - Caryatid

    Influenced by 18th century Caryatid element, this Flambeau TA1017-S table lamp features a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support above the stacked base with swirl feet. The Greek inspiration of this timeless lamp is finished with silver leaf and an umber ... More
    $275.00 ea


    Stock Code: UTM-26287-1

    Uttermost 26287-1 - Hanging Accent Table Lamp - 1 Light - Antique Silver and Crystal Finish - Arlena Collection

    Uttermost 26287-1 - Table Lamp - Arlena Collection

    The Uttermost 26287-1 Arlena table lamp is a striking home lighting decor piece. The lamp elegantly features an antiqued silver leaf rectangular frame with two strands of hanging crystal accents. The silken bronze linen rectangle shade thoroughly complements the lamp's appea ... More
    $283.50 ea

    Stock Code: UTM-267651

    Uttermost 26765-1 - Lantern Table Lamp - 1 Light - Silver Finish - Sitka Silver Collection

    Uttermost 26765-1 - Table Lamp - Sitka Silver

    Bring a rustic, modern home lighting accent to your home with Uttermost 26765-1 Sitka Silver table lamp. The metal body of the lamp is finished in brushed aluminum with solid wood accents. The round hardback drum shade is decidedly the focal point with its natural Mica with ... More
    $283.80 ea

    Stock Code: UTM-299371

    Uttermost 29937-1 - Cheetah Print Table Lamp - 2 Light - Antiqued Silver Finish - Malawi Collection

    Uttermost 29937-1 - Table Lamp - Malawi Collection

    The bold, yet elegant design of Uttermost 29937-1 Malawi 2 light table lamp offers an exhilarating home lighting accent that will easily capture any room's decor. The lamp body is finished in distressed antiqued silver with burnished details. There is no doubt that the lamp' ... More
    $292.60 ea

    Stock Code: FLAM-TA1032

    Flambeau TA1032 - French Table Lamp - 1 Light - Gold and Silver Finish - Pome Collection

    Flambeau TA1032 - French Table Lamp - Pome

    Inspired by the French passion fruit, pome, this Flambeau TA1032 table lamp brings a warm ambiance to any room. From the cylindrical shade studded in silver leaf molded jewel-like elements to the glazed gold and silver leaf disc and striped stem, this lamp is sure to coordi ... More
    $297.00 ea


    Stock Code: UTM-265421

    Uttermost 26542-1 - Tri-Column Table Lamp - 1 Light - Aluminum and Concrete Finish - Risto Collection

    Uttermost 26542-1 - Table Lamp - Risto Collection

    The Uttermost 26542-1 Risto table lamp is an artistic addition suitable for any home decor theme. The lamp's body features a tri-column design constructed with brushed aluminum and mounted on a gray concrete foot. The round hardback drum shade is made of oatmeal linen fabri ... More
    $301.40 ea

    Stock Code: UTM-26987

    Uttermost 26987 - Modern Table Lamp - 1 Light - Chrome Finish - Jelani Collection

    Uttermost 26987 - Table Lamp - Jelani Collection

    Bring modern lighting decor to your home with the Uttermost 26987 Jelani table lamp. The sleek, rounded chrome metal body offers a versatile lighting accent for an updated interior design theme in a living room, bedroom, or personal office. The stylish black linen shade tops ... More
    $301.40 ea

    Stock Code: UTM-264561

    Uttermost 26456-1 - Glass Table Lamp - 1 Light - 3-Way Rotary Switch - Frost and Aluminum Finish - Crepitava Collection

    Uttermost 26456-1 - Table Lamp - Crepitava Collection

    The Uttermost Crepitava 26456-1 table lamp incorporates a combination of modern and vintage charm. The frosted, crackled glass body is accented by brushed aluminum details. The double hardback shade features a silken sheer outer shade with an off set silken silver gray inner ... More
    $305.80 ea

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