Fulham Racehorse 3 RH3-UNV-226-C - 120/277 Volt - Programmed Start - Ballast Factor 0.87 - Power Factor 98% - Min. Temp. Rating -22 Deg. F - Operates (1) 13 Watt Compact Fluorescent Lamp
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Fulham Racehorse 3 RH3-UNV-226-C

(1) Lamp - 120/277 Volt - Programmed Start - 0.87 Ballast Factor

The Fulham Racehorse 3 RH3-UNV-226-C electronic fluorescent ballast operates (1) lamp at 120/277 input volts. Ideal for use in areas ranging from medium or high bay industrial to canopy lighting or simple downlights and wall sconces. Operating CFLs gives this ballast the versatility to help illuminate either your home or business with a wide range of 4-pin CFLs.



  • Programmed start for extended lamp life in frequent switching applications
  • End-of-lamp-life protection to safely remove power from the lamp as it nears end-of-life
  • Cold starting to ensure proper functionality even in low temperature applications
  • Improved reliability due to precision control flicker-free operation
  • Auto-restart which eliminates the need to reset the power mains after lamp replacement
  • Versatile mounting: Side and back leads included with optional ballast
  • Auto light compensation during low power situations
  • Dual entry color coded connector
  • Applications

  • Medium and high bay
  • industrial and retail
  • Canopy lighting
  • Flood lighting
  • Parking garages
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indirect wall washing
  • Downlighting
  • Outdoor architectural
  • Post tops
  • Wall sconces
  • Ceiling surface mount
  • Specifications

    Stock Code:  BF-RH3UNV226C
    Family:  Racehorse
    Voltage:  120/277
    Length:  5 in.
    Height:  1 in.
    Start Temp. (Min):  -22 Deg. F
    Start Method:  Programmed Start
    Type:  Electronic Fluorescent
    Warranty:  3 Years
    Brand:  Fulham
    Part No.:  RH3-UNV-226-C
    Ballast Factor:  0.87
    Width:  2.4 in.
    Maximum Wattage:  57 Watts
    Power Factor:  98%
    THD:  10%
    Weight:  0.45 lb.
    Case Quantity:  50

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