Mini Candelabra Lampholder - 1000 Watt - 250 Volt - 8.5 Amps - 18 Gauge Leads - Premium Quality Brand LS25-F
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Mini Candelabra Socket - PLT LS25-F

1000 Watt - 250 Volt - 8.5 Amps - 18 Gauge Leads

This mini candelabra socket is ideal for any mini candelabra base bulb. It is rated for a maximum of 1000 watts, 250 volts, and 8.5 amps. The lampholder has 18-gauge leads and two mounting screw holes spaced 1.279 inches apart. PLT adheres to the strictest quality control and quality assurance procedures in the ballast and lamp industry. This PLT product is tested under the toughest conditions and is meticulously factory checked for defects in materials to reach you in perfect condition.


Stock Code:  SOCK-LS25F
Part No.:  LS25-F
Maximum Voltage:  250 Volt
Socket Type:  Mini Candelabra (E11)
Brand:  PLT
Maximum Current:  8.5 Amps
Maximum Wattage:  1000 Watt
Wire Gauge:  18 AWG

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