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Light Rail 5 Add-A-Bar Kit
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Light Rail 5 Add-A-Bar Kit

Light Rail 5 Auxiliary Trolley - Sectioned Push-Pull Rod - Mounting Hardware - Gualala Robotics LR5AABKIT

Exclusive to LightRail 5, this additional crossbar kit is to compliment your existing LightRail 5. The LightRail 5 LR5AABKIT Add-A-Bar kit contains one adjustable crossbar 81, 87 and 93 inches, one LightRail 5 Auxiliary Trolley, one push-pull rod, mounting hardware and instructions. Add-A-Bar kits may need an additional 4 foot Auxiliary rail (LR5AUXRAIL) for systems that demand more than 2 total crossbar setups.

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Part No.:  LR5AABKIT
Weight:  9 lbs.
Brand:  Light Rail
UPC:  689001351016
Warranty:  1 Year

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