Clonex - Clone Solution - 1 Gallon - Growth Technology
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Clonex Clone Solution - 1 gal.

Clone Nutrient and Root Promoter - Growth Technology HDCCSGAL

Clonex clone solution is a clone specific nutrient formulated by using a special blend of minerals, vitamins, wetting agents, and a root promoter. This solution encourages rapid root development and helps minimize plant stress. Clonex clone solution contains specific micro-nutrients and root enhancing agents, carefully formulated to nourish new root cells. This formula is designed to work together with Clonex Rooting Compound or other rooting agents for best results. Give your cloning process a boost with this Clonex HDCCSGAL clone solution today!

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N-P-K Ratio:  1-0.4-1
Case Quantity:  4
Brand:  Growth Technology
UPC:  659627009011
Volume:  1 gal.

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