Emily's Garden - Hydroponic System - HydroFarm EMSYST
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Emily's Garden - Hydroponic System

2 Gallon Reservoir - Includes Growing Media, Air Pump and Tubing, (6) Planters, Seed Starter Cubes, Molded Cover, pH Test Kit, and Nutrients - HydroFarm EMSYST

Get the convenience and benefits of having an all-in-one hydroponic system with Emily's Garden! Six individual planters allow you to rotate or add new plants as you please. The convenient size of this system will fit just about anywhere - on a bench, shelf, table, or out on the patio. Get your garden started today with HydroFarm Emily's Garden EMSYST hydroponic system today! Comes with everything you need to get started: 2-gallon reservoir, growing media, air pump and tubing, six (6) 7 x 6 x 6-inch planters, seed starter cubes, molded cover, nutrients, water level indicator, pH test kit, and illustrated instructions.

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Stock Code:  GROW-EMSYST
Part No.:  EMSYST
Length:  24 in.
Height:  6 in.
Brand:  HydroFarm
UPC:  638104610100
Width:  16 in.
Weight:  36 lbs.

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