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Heavy 16 - Foliar Enhancer – 4 Liter
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Heavy 16 - Foliar Spray – 4 Liter

Foliar Enahncer - NPK (1-0-2) – FS4L

Heavy 16's FS4L foliar enhancer offers full spectrum plant nutrition and protection. When this 4-liter foliar enhancer is sprayed on the foliage, the neutral chemistry is quickly absorbed into the negatively charged foliage, thereby immediately strengthening the canopy as the nutrients make their way to the roots. This foliar enhancer was designed to ensure the highest yields possible and pure genetic expression by three main functions. One, the enhancer increases the biochemical rate of photosynthesis, which therefore aids the plant in storing carbon and energy. Two, this enhancer provides environmental protection from extreme heat and cold. Three, this foliar enhancer can be used with pest control products, organic oils, and biological teas. For the best results from your plants, look no farther than Heavy 16 FS1L.


Stock Code:  GROW-FS4L
Part No.:  FS4L
N-P-K Ratio:  1-0-2
Case Quantity:  4
Brand:  Heavy 16
UPC:  736211384935
Volume:  4 L

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