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MUST be Purchase and Used With Veg-B 23-Liter

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Heavy 16 VEGA23L - 23 Liter - Veg Nutrient
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Heavy 16 Veg-A - 23 Liter

Veg Nutrient - NPK (5-0-1) - VEGA23L

The formula of the Heavy 16 VEGA23L Veg-A veg nutrient embodies years of experience in plant production and nutrient chemistry. By making crops with large vascular systems, this 23-liter veg nutrient gives plants the structural support they need to fend off dangerous pests and support heavy fruit loads in the bloom cycle. Remember, both over and under fertilization of your plants is detrimental to their health, and plants can be under or over-fertilized even with a good appearance. The formula of this Heavy 16 veg nutrient helps eliminate these imbalances, therefore protecting your plants. Rich in organic and mineral calcium and micronutrients, Heavy 16's Veg-A veg nutrient is the clear choice for strong, healthy plants.

Must be used in conjunction with Veg-B, which is sold separately.


Stock Code:  GROW-VEGA23L
Part No.:  VEGA23L
N-P-K Ratio:  5-0-1
Case Quantity:  1
Brand:  Heavy 16
UPC:  736211386236
Volume:  23 L

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