10 Liter Bag - Clay Pebbles - Plant!T GMC10L
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Clay Pebbles - 10 Liters

Soil Aeration - Drainage - Plant!T GMC10L

Unlike some other pebbles on the market, the non-uniform shape of Plant!T GMC10L results in an increased surface area that leads to better aeration and greater water retention in your garden. They are also tumbled in the manufacturing process to give them softer edges that are kinder to new root growth when transplanting. These clay pebbles are pre-cleaned, made from 100 percent natural clay, pH and EC stable, and will not float once fully wet. They can be used for aeration, drainage, and decoration. Use in flood and drain systems, deep water culture (DWC) systems, drip feed systems, and aquaponic systems.


Stock Code:  GROW-GMC10L
Part No.:  GMC10L
Pebble Size:  8 mm -16 mm
Volume:  10 L
Brand:  Plant!T
UPC:  5034517150250
Type:  Natural Clay

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