Sensi Bloom - Part A and B - 1 Liter
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Sensi Bloom - Part A and B - 1 Liter

Bloom Nutrient - pH Perfect Technology - Advanced Nutrients 6171-14

Advanced Nutrients' 6171-14 1-liter Sensi Bloom offers pH perfect technology in a two-part bloom nutrient, providing crucial nutrition to your plants during their flowering cycle. Extensive field testing helped create a bloom nutrient that results in consistently heavier yields. Advanced Nutrients is the only manufacturer in the industry that uses proteinate forms of micronutrients, micronutrients that are attached to a protein molecule rather than a salt molecule. The plants will uptake with a higher absorption rate due to lower salt residue and high proteinate consistency, giving your plants more time in peak bloom and earlier flowering with more budding sites.

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Stock Code:  GROW-617114-KIT
Part No.:  6171-14
Case Quantity:  1
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
Volume:  1 L

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