Sensi Grow - 6271-14 - Part A and B - 1-Liter
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Sensi Grow - Part A and B - 1 Liter

Veg Nutrient - pH Perfect Technology - Advanced Nutrients 6271-14

Specifically designed for high-value specialty plants, the Advanced Nutrients 6271-14 Sensi Grow A and B 1 liter veg nutrient has been field tested to create a powerful product that gives consistently heavy yields. Plants in the vegetative phase use more calcium, iron, and zinc than plants in the bloom stage do, and this 1-liter two-part veg nutrient has a precise NPK and micronutrient profile that's unrivaled. Containing special components not found in other two-part fertilizers, this veg nutrient is very easy to mix and use and sets up your plants for larger harvests.

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Stock Code:  GROW-627114-KIT
Part No.:  6271-14
Case Quantity:  1
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
Volume:  1 L

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