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Connoisseur - 1671-14 - Part A and B – 1-Liter
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Connoisseur - Part A and B - 1 Liter

Bloom Nutrient - pH Perfect Technology - Advanced Nutrients 1671-14

Through its special blend of highest quality ingredients, the Advanced Nutrients 1671-14 Ultra-Premium Connoisseur Part A and B, 1 liter bloom nutrient gives you control over a wide variety of plant mechanisms and optimal uptake of nutrients for your plants! This 1-liter bloom nutrient features base nutrients that contain value-added components, such as Grandma Enggys F-1 (fulvic acid), Grandma Enggys H-2 (humic acid), Advanced Nutrients amino acid complex, and Wet Betty (non-ionic-surfactant)that will enhance the performance of any type of garden and gives as much as 43 percent more yield.


Stock Code:  GROW-167114-KIT
Part No.:  1671-14
Case Quantity:  1
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
Volume:  1 L

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