Advanced Nutrients 2340-13 –Bud Factor X - 500 ml
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Bud Factor X - 500 ml

Flavor Enhancer - Advanced Nutrients 2340-13-3

Advanced Nutrients 2340-13-3 Bud Factor X is a liquid hydroponics flavor enhancer that promotes maximum production of terpinoids, resins, and essential oils and increases crop yields. This 500-mL flavor enhancer triggers the plant to increase production of the essential oils, therefore enhancing the plant's natural defense system, which will generate a strong, healthy plant that will not only survive, but thrive against the negative effects of heat, disease, stress, intense light, and pest attack. Add Bud Factor X to your existing nutrient regimen, and you'll notice an amazing increase in essential oils that help with color, flavor, aroma, and potency of your plants.


Stock Code:  GROW-2340133
Part No.:  2340-13-3
Volume:  500 ml
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
N-P-K Ratio:  0-0-1
Case Quantity:  3

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