Big Bud Liquid – Advanced Nutrients 5050-14 - 1 Liter
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Big Bud Liquid - 1 Liter

Early Bloom Enhancer - Advanced Nutrients 5050-14-3

If your plants absorb too much phosphorus, this will affect flower production and may give your plants a harsh taste. The Advanced Nutrients 5050-14-3 Big Bud Liquid early bloom enhancer is made with the correct ratio of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur, the super foods that stoke the floral production system in your plants. Along with ascorbic acid to stimulate the metabolic processes in your plants, this 1-liter bloom enhancer not only produces more budding sites, but it also results in denser, heavier, and larger blooms. Your flowers will have an improved appearance with increased aroma and color without any harsh chemical taste.


Stock Code:  GROW-505014-3
Part No.:  5050-14-3
Volume:  1 L
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
N-P-K Ratio:  0-15-35
Case Quantity:  3

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