Iguana Juice Bloom - Advanced Nutrients 5200-14 - 1 L
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Iguana Juice Bloom - 1 Liter

Organic Bloom Nutrient - Advanced Nutrients 5200-14-3

Working well with hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, and outdoor gardens, the Advanced Nutrients 5200-14-3 Iguana Juice Bloom is a one-part, 100 percent organic bloom nutrient that encourages bushier plants and improves fruit and vegetable taste. This 1-liter bloom nutrient features the most effective micronutrients available, giving you an increased flower scent that can only come from organic fertilizers. Iguana Juice Bloom even utilizes many different types of volcanic ash from all over the world, giving you a complete array of the most effective, nutritious micronutrients possible, ensuring a healthier, more vibrant garden!


Stock Code:  GROW-5200143
Part No.:  5200-14-3
Volume:  1 L
Brand:  Advanced Nutrients
N-P-K Ratio:  4-3-6
Case Quantity:  3

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