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2x4 Ceiling LED Panel Lights

LED Light Panels - 2x4

Start saving money on energy and maintenance costs by switching out less efficient fluorescent troffers with these 2x4 LED panels that consume less power and last years longer. These fixtures are available in a range of color temperatures to customize the lighting to fit your space. If you prefer the light of halogen lamps, pick a fixture that produces a warmer light around 3000 Kelvin. For testing rooms, hospitals, and dentist offices, studies have shown that a cooler white Kelvin temperature is better for visibility, focus, alertness, and productivity. LED panels feature a low-glare lens that evenly distributes the light and helps eliminate dark spots. For greater control of the light levels emitted by these fixtures, pair them with a compatible 0-10V dimmer switch.

Ceiling LED panel lights are lightweight for easy installation to a T-bar grid by one person, saving on labor and installation costs over similar fixtures. The thin design makes them an ideal choice for ceilings that do not have a lot of space overhead. Some LED panels also have the option of being suspended by cables. Other panels are available with an emergency backup, providing light for up to 90 minutes during a power outage.

Tunable Color LED Panels

If you would like the option of adjusting the color temperature in spaces, consider tunable color LED panels. These panels allow you to adjust between any color temperature from 3000 Kelvin through 5000 Kelvin and dim the light output down to 10 percent. This allows you to set different color temperatures for different times of day or adjust lighting based on how the room is being used. Studies have shown that adjusting the color temperature in classrooms can help improve learning, including improving reading speed by 35 percent. You can learn more from our blog post: The Impact of Lighting on Learning and Productivity. Lighting can also be adjusted in conference rooms during a presentation or training to nurture productivity, while a warmer and more inviting color temperature can be used for interviews and annual reviews.

Tunable color LED panels are controlled wirelessly by either a hand-held remote or wall mounted control. Each panel is designed to act as a transmitter with a range of 100 feet, creating a wireless network of fixtures. The wall mount control is good for controlling a single area with tunable color LED panels and should be set up in a central spot. The hand-held remote allows you group fixtures together into zones, allowing you to control up to 4 zones separately.

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