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2 x 4 LED Troffer Retrofit

Quickly convert your existing 2x4 fluorescent troffers into LED fixtures by retrofitting them with these energy efficient 2x4 LED troffer retrofits kits from!

Taking only a few minutes to install, these kits replace the lamps with LED diodes. Easily mount your LED troffer retrofit kit into place with magnets or brackets after the ballast and tubes have been removed, eliminating both ballast maintenance and lamp replacement costs. DLC certified LED troffer retrofit kits have been tested to meet strict energy standards and may qualify for state or local rebates for additional savings.

2x4 LED troffer retrofit kits are available in several color temperatures. For areas such as retail stores and hotels where a welcoming feel is desired, pick a retrofit kit emitting a 3000K or 3500K light. For offices, hospitals, and other areas where increased visibility and reduced eye strain is needed, look for kits producing a 4000K or 5000K light. When choosing your retrofit kit, be sure to check the safety rating. Retrofit kits rated for indoor locations should only be used in fluorescent troffers that are in dry locations. If the fluorescent troffer you are retrofitting is in a humid or moisture rich environment, use a retrofit kit rated for damp locations.

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