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Blue LED Christmas Light Bulbs

Blue Christmas Lights - C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

Whether the weather outside is frightful or delightful, these blue LED Christmas bulbs can handle the holiday season. Hang them along the roof as a landing strip for Santa or turn your lawn into a wash of blue. Pair with one of our non-traditional trees for a summer mirage to take your mind off the cold nipping at your nose. LED Christmas light bulbs are also better suited for cold climates and will turn on even when incandescent bulbs fail to start. LED bulbs are often brighter and more crisp than incandescent lights and don't lose as much energy to heat, so they are cool to the touch even after hours of use.

Blue LED Christmas Lights vs Incandescent

Ever tripped your breaker by plugging too many lights onto a circuit? Never fear, blue LED Christmas lights are here! Using less than one Watt each, LED Christmas bulbs drastically increase the maximum number of bulbs you can use on a single run. Take a 25 ft. string of incandescent blue C9 lights for example. The maximum number of strings you can connect is 2, because any more would draw too much power and burn out the bulbs. If you change every bulb to LED, you can connect up to 14 stings for a total run of 350 ft. instead of 50 ft.

When switching from incandescent to LED C7 or C9 Christmas lights, every bulb on the string needs to be changed at the same time. You cannot replace individual incandescent bulbs with LEDs one at a time as they burn out. The surrounding incandescent bulbs draw too much power, overloading the LED bulb and causing it to fail. This also means you can't plug incandescent strings and LED strings together. If your display is using both, make sure each has its own direct connection to the power source.

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