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Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees

People tend to be strongly opinionated about fake Christmas trees but we've come a long way from the sparsely branched, low-cost Christmas trees of yesteryear. Now you can buy high quality slim trees, colored trees, trees with snow already on them, or even upside trees. With advances in plastics, today's artificial Christmas tree can rival the real thing and you don't have to traipse into the woods to get one.

PVC vs PE Molded Artificial Trees

These new molded artificial Christmas trees are known as Polyethylene or PE trees. The polyethylene plastic is injected into a mold to form 3D needles that more closely resembles a real tree. Although the initial cost of PE trees is higher, the long term result is the perfect Christmas tree for a lifetime of holiday seasons. To cut down on discouraging costs, manufacturers will often offer a hybrid tree made of PE needle tips with classic PVC branches filling the interior for the average shopper to purchase. The best feature about a hybrid tree is the faster setup time and less tedious fluffing (and occasionally scattering) of fringe to achieve that natural look.

Fear not PVC lovers, the nostalgia-inducing Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC artificial Christmas trees remain popular and inexpensive. The trademark fluttering plastic fringe of PVC trees gets an upgrade when you shop at You can buy commercial-quality, classic PVC trees in a variety of trees types such as Camdon Firs or Mixed Country Pines to recreate your favorite Christmas style.

Best of all, you can get pre-lit PVC and PE trees in many types, colors, heights, and diameters. From a 3-foot tabletop tree to a grandiose 12-foot tree to match the sweeping staircase in your foyer, there are unlit and pre-lit Christmas trees available to match your decor.

Types of Christmas Trees

Unlit and Pre-lit Christmas Trees - Worried about an unevenly lit tree or don't want the hassle of adding lights to your tree every year? Our wide selection of pre-lit Christmas trees include either warm white or multi-color lights already perfect positioned in your tree. However, be mindful that pre-lit trees don't really give you the option to change the lights from year to year. If you need that kind of freedom, then consider our unlit Christmas trees.

Flocked and Frosted Christmas Trees - If you want to bring the outdoors inside, then choose a frosted or flocked Christmas tree. The frosted and/or "snow"-covered branches of these trees may give you the white Christmas you've been looking for.

Upside Down Christmas Trees - Confuse and delight your neighbors and guests with upside down Christmas trees. These trees are displayed top down and base up. Use the stand to keep your tree upright or hang it from the ceiling for a new spin on Christmas magic.

Non-traditional Christmas Trees - Take the untraditional route and add a tropical feel to your holiday with pre-lit Christmas palm trees. While our palm Christmas trees will transform your living room into an island getaway, our colored Christmas trees can bring satisfying sense of coordination to the season. Add bows and tiaras to a pink Christmas tree to create royalty-worthy princess tree, go vintage with frosted ornaments and an antique gold Christmas tree, or try a modern flair with the simplicity of a white Christmas tree. Browse classic and several unusually colored trees at

Half and Quarter Christmas Trees - Low on space? If you have a small or narrow space and don't want to remove furniture to fit a full tree, then our half trees may just be for you. They are designed to save space by lining up flush against the wall, while still giving you a tree to decorate and enjoy. For very tight spaces, try our corner trees. These trees specifically fit in the corner of a room, giving you more operating space while allowing you to have a Christmas tree to enjoy.

How Many Christmas Lights Do I Need?

It may seem like one string of lights is just enough for any real or unlit artificial Christmas tree. However the number of strands needed is guided by the height, diameter, type of tree, and type of Christmas lights you're using.

Tree Size - The taller the tree, the more lights you will need. A conservative ratio is 100 mini lights per vertical foot. If you would like your tree to be more festive, try using 200 mini lights per vertical foot. A skinny or slim tree may need fewer lights due to its smaller diameter. Wider trees, like some types of Spruces, Pines, and Firs, could require up to 25% more lights than this moderate measurement.

Bulb Type - When using incandescent string lights, the guideline is 100 lights per vertical foot. However, if you've decided to take the energy-saving route and make the switch to LED string lights then you can cut that number in half. Since LED lights tend to be brighter than their incandescent counterparts you will only 50 lights per vertical foot to achieve your desired brightness. If you want to invoke true nostalgia by using C7 or C9 bulbs, you can use even fewer lights. The larger size of these incandescent or LED replacement bulbs produces even more light than incandescent or LED mini lights. The chart below illustrates the suggested number of lights based on your tree's height, types of bulbs, and whether it's an indoor or outdoor tree.

Christmas Light Chart

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