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JA8 Compliant Light Fixtures

Make sure you meet lighting regulations in the state of California by installing these JA8 compliant light fixtures from!

These fixtures have been tested to meet the strict JA8 regulations that went into effect in January 2017. Per these new regulations, all permanently installed light fixtures used as part of new construction, renovations, and additions in the state of California must be JA8 certified. If you don't live in California, you can still benefit from these fixtures. JA8 certified fixtures are more energy efficient and have longer lifespans, helping reduce energy and maintenance costs. These fixtures are dimmable when paired with compatible dimmers and produce a high CRI light of 90 or higher that makes colors appear brighter and more natural. JA8 fixtures may also qualify for state or local rebates. Keep in mind that states tend to adopt California's energy regulations within a few years, so your state may require these fixtures soon.

Use JA8 certified fixtures in a variety of applications ranging from living rooms to lobbies. If these fixtures are installed in bathrooms (even in homes), laundry rooms, and utility rooms, one fixture must be paired with a vacancy sensor in order to meet JA8 regulations. Check the safety ratings of these fixtures to make sure they can withstand the conditions of the location you plan to use them. For areas where fixtures will be exposed to humidity and moisture, choose JA8 certified fixtures rated for damp locations. If the fixture will come into direct contact with water, pick wet location rated fixtures instead.

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