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5,000 - 9,999 Lumens

5,000 - 9,999 Lumens

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Types of Light Distribution for Area Lights

Area lights are available with different light distributions so that you can select the fixture that will best direct the light where you want it to go. When lighting a street or sidewalk, you want most of the light on the path. Alternatively, in a parking lot setting, you would want a much wider light distribution, allowing both cars and aisles to be well lit. This can help pedestrians feel safer getting back to their cars and reduce incidents in your parking lot.

  • Type II: Fixtures with a type II light distribution project most of the light to the sides, with some light going in front of the fixture and a minimal amount of light going behind the fixture. This light distribution is best for wide walkways, highway on-ramps, exit ramps, residential streets, walking or jogging paths, and bike trails.
  • Type III: Commonly used for roadway lighting and parking lot aisles, Type III lighting projects out further than type II.
  • Type IV: Area lights with a Type IV distribution are commonly found along the perimeter of parking lots. These light fixtures push a larger portion of the light forward than type II or III distributions but doesn't allow much light to spill out behind the fixture.
  • Type V: Fixtures with a type V distribution spread light evenly in all directions, either in a circular or square pattern with the fixture in the middle. LED area lights that use this type of light distribution are perfect for open areas such as open parking lots. These fixtures are also used on roadway medians, and in intersections.