LED Grow Light Fixtures

LED Grow Light Fixtures

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LED Grow Lights

With claims of outlasting and outperforming all other light sources while consuming less energy, LED technology is projected to be the future of the grow light industry. But as with any emerging technology, many low quality LED grow lights overpromise and under-deliver. Our selection of LED grow lights does not fit this category. Instead, we offer first-rate products from renowned suppliers to ensure we're bringing you the best and brightest LED grow lights at low prices. Check out our outstanding offers from California Lightworks, LumiGrow, and Illumitex today!

California Lightworks

The critically acclaimed California Lightworks LED grow lights target parts of the light spectrum where absorption by plants is highest. The result: A superior quality, high-potency yield with lower power consumption. SolarStorm and SolarFlare lines, along with replacement T8 bulbs, are available.


Boost yields while keeping running costs low with LumiGrow LED grow lights. LumiGrow lights maximize crops by focusing light on plants' primary response regions while consuming up to 70% less power than HID lights. LumiGrow LEDs also run much cooler than HIDs, eliminating the probability of plant damage or other effects of unregulated temperatures. 400 to 800-watt HID equivalent systems are available.


Illumitex LED grow lights offer superior light utilization and beam uniformity to ensure high-quality, high-volume harvests. Lightweight and slim-profiled, these commercial-grade grow lights will fit easily wherever they are needed. Currently available in a 300-watt model.

LED Accessories

Our LED Accessories section includes hanging systems to suspend your LED reflectors, as well as chaining cords (which allow you to run multiple grow lights off of one power source and timer) designed for California Lightworks SolarFlare reflectors only.