LED Grow Light Fixtures

LED Grow Light Fixtures

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LED Grow Light Fixtures

Made to replace traditional HID lighting systems, LED grow light fixtures remove the need for inefficient ballasts and regular maintenance. As a pre-assembled unit, these LED lighting fixtures require minimal effort when installing. For an all-in-one lighting system, an LED grow light fixture offers the optimum light spectrums your plants need to grow from the vegetative stage to flowering stage. Strive towards an energy efficient garden by switching from HID grow lights to LED alternatives today!


Known as the oldest wholesaler and leading manufacturer of hydroponic equipment, HydroFarm brings the knowledge and experience of 39 years to the products they release. Their most renowned fixture, the PowerPAR Greenhouse fixture offers a higher PPFD (light within the visible spectrum that plants can use) per watt than other fixtures of the same wattage and is proudly made in the USA.

California Lightworks

Focused on research, design, and development of energy efficient greenhouse lighting, California Lightworks offers a diverse set of products which differentiates them from other brands. Their well-known, SolarStorm series comes in 2 proprietary spectral ratios specifically designed to give your plants the best light possible for each stage of growth: VegMaster and BloomBooster. Larger models, proudly manufactured in the USA, offer switchable spectrum controls and are built with supplemental UVB light for added coverage and yield.


Recognized as the leading provider of smart horticulture lighting solutions, LumiGrow, focuses on energy efficiency and getting the most out of crop yields. Their prominent LumiBar grow light offers customizable LED technology which allows you to dial in the exact spectral ratio you desire. A single LumiBar can replace 4 T8 bulbs and covers up to a 48”x18” grow area, perfect for vertical applications.