LED High Bays

LED High Bays

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Benefits of LED High Bays

Switching to LED high bay fixtures can save your business over 60% in energy costs overnight according to the US Department of Energy. LED high bays also save money in the following ways.

  • Reduced Maintenance Cost - Life expectancy is 50,000-100,000 hours, over five times as long as traditional light sources .
  • Reduced AC and Cooling Cost - LEDs are energy efficient and produce considerably less heat than other light sources. Stop running the air conditioning to cool down a space your light bulbs are heating up.
  • Motion Sensor Compatible - Frequent on-off cycles drastically reduce the lifespan of fluorescent lamps, but LED high bay life expectancy is not affected by motion sensors.

While earlier generations of LED bulbs were unable to produce a comparable amount of light, LEDs have improved over the years to match the light efficacy of traditional lighting. LED high bays are instant-on without any flickering or warm-up period making them ideal for use in warehouses and industrial facilities where worker safety requires adequate lighting. Some of our high bays are even UL rated for damp locations. Upgrade to LED high bays to see overnight savings.