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Type III Light Distribution - LED Parking Lot Lights - 400W MH Equal

Increase visibility and security for your parking lots and walkways by replacing metal halide (MH) fixtures with these more efficient 400-Watt equal LED parking lot lights from

Unlike MH lights, there is no loss in light output due to light being trapped inside the fixture. All of the Lumens are directional, meaning you can use a fixture with fewer Lumens than the 400-Watt MH fixture being replaced and still have the same amount of light. Featuring a Type III light distribution, these LED parking lot lights produce a lateral, oval shaped light with a 40-degree width that projects outwards. Choose between fixtures producing a cool white 4000K light, or a daylight white 5000K light. To extend the life of the fixture and further reduce energy costs, these LED parking lot lights can be paired with LED compatible photocells, timers, and motion sensors. Some fixtures have an integrated 10kV surge protection. LED parking lot lights meeting DLC Premium requirements may qualify for state or local rebates.

Where to Use Type III LED Parking Lot Lights

Install these 400-Watt equal LED parking lot lights on the perimeter of roadways, streets, walkways, and parking areas. These fixtures mount to poles using a slipfitter bracket and some parking lot fixtures also include a mounting arm. LED parking lot lights have ingress protection (IP) ratings that describe how well the fixture is sealed against foreign bodies, such as dirt and water. Fixtures with an IP-65 rating are protected from dust and water jets from any angle. IP-68 means that the fixtures is waterproof and dust tight.

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