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750W Metal Halide Equal | LED Parking Lot Lights

Replace 750-Watt metal halide (MH) fixtures in parking lots, walkways, and streets with these more efficient LED parking lot lights from to lower your energy costs.

Designed so that no light is trapped inside the fixture, these LED parking lot lights need fewer Lumens to produce the same amount of light as the 750-Watt MH fixtures being replaced. Pair these fixtures with photocells, timers, and motion sensors to extend the lifespan and further reduce energy costs. DLC and DLC Premium certified LED parking lot lights may qualify for state or local rebates, providing additional savings.

LED parking lot lights are available in several types of light distributions. Producing an oval light with a 25 degree lateral width, Type II distribution is typically used for jogging paths, side streets, on ramps, and other narrow applications. A Type III distribution delivers an oval light with a lateral width of 40 degrees that is projected outwards into the area being lit. Use this distribution type for large areas including parking lots and roadways. Fixtures with a Type V distribution emit a large circular light that is equal in all directions. This light distribution is ideal for intersections, roadway medians, and large commercial parking lots.

To know how well the fixture is sealed against dirt, dust, and water, check the ingress protection (IP) rating. A fixture with an IP64 rating is protected from dirt and water splashes. An IP65 LED parking lot light is sealed against dirt and water jets. A rating of IP68 means the fixture is waterproof and dust tight.

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Types of Light Distribution for Area Lights

Area lights are available with different light distributions so that you can select the fixture that will best direct the light where you want it to go. When lighting a street or sidewalk, you want most of the light on the path. Alternatively, in a parking lot setting, you would want a much wider light distribution, allowing both cars and aisles to be well lit. This can help pedestrians feel safer getting back to their cars and reduce incidents in your parking lot.

area light type 2

Type II: A distribution with a lateral width of 25 degrees. Typically installed on the side of smaller side streets, jogging paths, or entrance roadways.

area light type 3

Type III: Similar to type II with light projecting out further at 40 degrees. Designed for general parking areas and roadways.

area light type 5

Type V: A circular distribution with the same light intensity at all angles. Meant for large open areas where evenly distributed light is needed, such as intersections and large parking lots.