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8 ft. LED Strip Lights - 4 Lamp Fluorescent Replacement

Swap out 4-lamp fluorescent fixtures in warehouses, retail stores, and office buildings for these more efficient and longer lasting 8-foot LED strip light fixtures from!

8-foot LED strip light fixtures use integrated LEDs instead of replaceable tubes, eliminating time and money spent on frequent relamping. Designed for hardwire installation, these fixtures can be suspended or surface mounted to ceilings in continuous rows or as individuals. To match the look of existing fluorescent fixtures, choose LED strip light fixtures that have lenses resembling tubes. For areas where adjustable brightness is desired, look for dimmable fixtures. LED strip light fixtures meeting DLC and DLC Premium certifications may qualify for state or local rebates. These fixtures also prove additional energy savings.

8-foot LED strip light fixtures are available in several color temperature outputs. Use fixtures producing a 3500 Kelvin light in hallways, corridors, utility rooms, and other areas where general illumination is needed. Use 4000 Kelvin fixtures in offices and hospitals to help reduce eye strain. Improving visibility and concentration, 5000 Kelvin fixtures are suitable for storage facilities, workshops, garages, and other locations where attention to detail is important.

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