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LED Tube Lights Under 1800 Lumens

Ballast bypass T8 LED tube lights are designed for installation in LED ready fixtures and fixtures with non-shunted sockets operating directly on 120-277V. With ballast compatible T8 LED tube lights, you can plug-and-play into fluorescent fixtures, operating with the fixture's existing ballast for quick and easy installation.

4 ft. T8 LED Tubes - Under 1800 Lumens

As our most popular LED tube lights, these 4 ft. tubes provide just the right amount of brightness while meeting your bottom line. Boasting better color rendering and requiring less maintenance, you can use these tube lights to replace fluorescent bulbs without replacing the entire fixture.

Color Temperature

Measured in Kelvin (K), color temperature is a scale describing how warm (yellow) or cold (blue) the color output of a light or fixture. Warm T8 tubes are in the 3000-3500K range and recommended for reception areas, hotel lobbies, and other locations where you want an inviting atmosphere. Cooler color temperatures in the 3500-5000K range give a brighter, cleaner look for office buildings, classrooms, hospitals, and commercial kitchens.