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Round Surface Mount LED Downlight Modules

With no need to completely rewire an existing fixture, these LED downlights are quick and easy to install to J-boxes. Round surface mount LED downlights mount by either clipping into a bracket or by screwing directly to the J-box. Some downlights can also be mounted into an existing recessed can. Dimmable fixtures can be paired with compatible dimmers to adjust the light output and extend the life of the downlight. JA8 certified surface mount LED downlights meet strict efficiency standards and are required in the state of California. While your state may not require JA8 fixtures right now, many states tend to adopt California's energy regulates within a few years.

Use round surface mounted LED downlights in a wide variety of applications ranging from living rooms to office spaces. For a cozy atmosphere in family rooms and bedrooms, choose LED downlights delivering a 2700 Kelvin light. A 3000 Kelvin light is slightly cooler and generally used to create a welcoming atmosphere in entryways, kitchens, and lobbies. 4000 Kelvin light helps reduce eye strain and is a popular choice for task lighting. For applications such as closets and merchandise displays where accurate colors are necessary, choose LED downlight with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. Make sure to check the safety ratings too, as these tell you what kind of conditions the fixtures can be used in. Damp rated fixtures can be used in humid and moisture rich areas including bathrooms and covered porches. For areas like gazebos and soffits where the light will come in contact with water, look for wet rated downlights.

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