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Hydroponics: Nutrients and Supplements

Advanced Nutrients

Optimize your blooms with potent blends by Advanced Nutrients. Our exceptional offers include Sensi Grow A & B, Sensi Bloom A & B, Connoisseur A & B, Big Bud, Overdrive, Bud Factor X, Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, Piranha, and Sensizym.


Bloombastic is a bloom stimulator meant to be used in the last 4 to 6 weeks of plant growth. Rootbasic is a root stimulator meant to be used in the first 3 weeks of plant growth. With both Bloombastic and Rootbasic in your growing cycle, your garden will flourish with fast growing, densely flowered crops.


Committed to ecological awareness, BioBizz produces only organic, chemical-free products. Enhance all aspects of your garden naturally with our top-selling offers includingBio-Grow, andFish-Mix.


No matter what nutrients your plants require, Botanicare has the right solution for your garden's needs. We carry outstanding blends including Cal-Mag Plus, CNS17, Hydroguard, Sweet, Pure Blend Pro Grow, and Bloom.

CANNA Nutrients

Years of research in plant nutrition have culminated in our internationally recognized CANNA plant products including AquaVega, developed for recirculating systems.

Flying Skull

Don’t let your roots become clogged and contaminated with fertilizer build up and harmful. Use the Z7 2-part enzyme cleanser to cleanse your root zone and reservoir equipment, allowing your roots to reach their full potential. Flying Skull removes the need for hydrogen peroxide or other harmful treatments and prevents root borne diseases with beneficial bacteria.


Hand-crafted soil mixes by FoxFarm will help your plants produce bigger, stronger blooms. Popular mixes we offer include Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Open Sesame, Cha Ching.

General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics is a leading innovator of high-quality plant nutrient solutions. We carry mixes including Flora Micro, Flora Grow, Flora Bloom, Flora Duo, CaliMagic, FloraNectar, Floralicious, and KoolBloom.

General Organics

An affiliate of General Hydroponics, General Organics offers premium vegan-based nutrients and supplements. Options include Bio Thrive Grow, Bio Thrive Bloom, Bio Bud, and CaMg+.

Greenway Nutrients

Increase Grow and Increase Bloom by Greenway Nutrients are carbon-dioxide infused formulas that allow your plants to absorb nutrients in seconds. We offer both formulas in powder forms and foliar sprays.

The Guano Company

Budswel and Super Tea Mix are unique fertilizer blends made from bat guano, seabird guano, worm castings, seaweed, and other organic matter. While budswel stimulates fruit-bearing plants and flower production, super tea mix vitalizes root growth. Use both products together to ensure an optimal harvest.

Heavy 16

Manufactured in California, Heavy 16 professional-grade nutrient blends are renowned by growers world-wide. We offer Veg A & B, Bud A & B, Roots, Foliar, Prime, Fire, and Finish options.


Secure a bountiful garden using Humboldt innovative nutrient solutions. Popular offers include Humboldt Roots and Ionic PK.


Hydrodynamics has travelled the globe collecting top-notch ingredients guaranteed to maximize exceptional harvests. We offer dynamic formulas including Ionic Bloom, Ionic PK, and Ionic Grow.


Manufactured off the Norwegian coastline, Maxicrop formulas use liquefied seaweed to ensure your plants' proper nutrition. Popular offers include Original, Plus, Kelp Meal, and Fish formulas.

Roots Organics

As the name suggests, Roots Organics nutrient solutions contain only high-quality, natural ingredients meant to stimulate root growth. Our options include Buddha Grow, Buddha Bloom, HP2 Liquid Bat Guano, and Trinity Catalyst.

Tappin Roots

Your plants will be tappin’ their toes to Tappin’ Roots. Tappin’Roots All Stages Plant Fertilizer is a 100% natural product. For use throughout your plants life-cycle, it encourages and supports natural plant processes using micronutrients and botanical extracts. Tappin’ Roots Dynamic Soil Amender aids in moisture retention and nutrient availability in soil. By aiding superior decomposition and the health of soil microbes, this product helps improve the overall quality of any soil.


Originating in 1939, SuperThrive has been a staple supplier of hydroponic nutrients for 70+ years. We offer their tried-and-true Original Vitamin Solution in quantities ranging from 1 oz. to 1 gallon.