Soil and Growing Media

Soil and Growing Media

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Rockwool, Soil, Coco, Rocks, Castings, Perlite, Growstones


Rockwool/Stonewool is a fibrous horticultural grow media made from melted-and-spun Basalt rock. Rockwool/stonewool substrates allow for the perfect air-to-water ratio, creating an optimal growing environment for plants.


Made from coconut husks, Coco supplies the perfect amount of aeration and moisture to your plants. All our coco substrates are made from top-quality husks.


Our Soil collection contains superior nutrient-rich blends with carefully regulated pH levels. Key ingredients in our mixes include bat guano, earthworm castings, and crab meal.

Compost Mix

Compost Mix contains ingredients that stimulate microbial growth, making ideal gardening mulches and soil amendments. This section also includes compost diffusion systems.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings are an excellent soil amendment, containing high-quality minerals and growth hormones that promote bigger, more fibrous plants.


Growstone is an earth-friendly, recycled-glass grow medium. Free of toxins or harmful chemicals, growstone is an excellent all-natural substrate that is impossible to overwater. It’s also clean and very lightweight.

Clay Rocks

Clay Rocks are ideal for decoration, better aeration, and greater water drainage in your garden. Use in flood and drain systems, deep water culture systems, drip feed systems, and aquaponic systems.


Improve draining and aeration in potting mixes with Perlite. An excellent rooting medium for plants, woody ornamentals, vines, or evergreen cuttings, perlite will prevent plants from being waterlogged while allowing them plenty of room to grow.