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T5 Grow Light Fixtures

T5 Reflectors

1 Lamp

We carry an assortment of 1 Lamp T5 fluorescent grow light reflectors in brands such as Sun Blaster, Sun Blaze, and Jump Start. Some reflectors include lamps, fixtures, and hanging equipment, while others come with just the reflector. Available in lengths from 2 to 4 feet.

2 Lamp

Our 2 Lamp T5 grow light reflectors are available in brands such as New Wave, Hydrofarm, and Sun Blaze. Reflectors may or may not include lamps and other hanging accessories. Offered in 2- and 4-foot lengths.

4 Lamp

Our collection of 4 Lamp T5 grow light reflectors are currently available in Hydrofarm and Sun Blaze brands. We offer 2 and 4-foot options. Lamps and hanging accessories are included.

6 Lamp

These 6 Lamp T5 grow light reflectors come in Sun Stars, Sun Blaze, and Hydrofarm options. Measuring 4 feet in length, models may or may not include lamps and hanging accessories.

8 Lamp

Our 8 Lamp T5 grow light reflectors cover more square footage with light than any fluorescent fixture we carry. Offered in Sun Blaze and Hydrofarm options in 2- and 4-foot sizes, each of our models comes complete with lamps and wire hangers.

Jump Start with Stand

Jump Start with Stand fixtures are the perfect all-inclusive solutions for your grow lighting needs. These Jump Start fixtures come supplied with a T5 bulb, reflector, light-hanging stand, and other additional materials required for assembly. Currently offered in 2- and 4-foot options.


Our Accessories section currently offers hanging systems suited to fit your T5 grow lights.