Authentic Models Authentic Models

Authentic Models brings history to life. The company was founded in 1968 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but its collection of artifacts, furniture and accessories goes back centuries. The organization’s mission is to offer unique objects and designs from the past and make them available for home and business owners today.

The company has corporate offices in both the United States and Europe. It also features trade fairs in the United States, Germany, Singapore, France, and England. Each stores a collection of furniture, artifacts and accessories that are inspired by cartography, maritime history, and the Age of Exploration. The comprehensive collection Authentic Models offers ranges from furniture to nautical.

Authentic Models does not just cater to traditional or old-style interiors. Its collection can be used in classic, contemporary and eclectic styles as well as numerous other design preferences. Featuring lighting, furniture and artifacts made by skilled artisans, those who shop Authentic Models can rest assured they are getting high-quality designs. Each product is complete with its own unique story.