Botanicare Botanicare

Botanicare is the expert in hydroponic care and is dedicated to discovering innovative, sustainable solutions for plant growth. The manufacturing company’s history started in 1992, when passionate hydrogardener, Treg Bradly, opened the store “Sea of Green,” where he provided nutrient products and hydroponic equipment to enthusiasts like himself. Botanicare is based in Chandler, Arizona.

Today, Botanicare offers a wide range of hydroponic nutrients, supplements, systems and more. The manufacturer’s line of nutrients is one of its most popular options, as it is designed to help gardeners grow beautiful, lush greenery. With solutions designed to speed up the growing process, optimize growth and protect plants, gardeners are easily able to find the right nutrients for their garden.

Botanicare carries a number of other leading brands including Pure Blend Tea, Pure Blend Pro, CNS17, Power Series, Hydroplex, Liquid Karma and many more. Other accessories sold by Botanicare include pots, fittings, grow bags and anything necessary to increase and maximize growing efficiency and yields.