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Cyalume Cyalume

Cyalume is an international manufacturer of a variety of products for tactical situations. The top military and law enforcement organizations use the business’s products in their day-to-day duties and training. With offices in the United States and France, the company is known for its innovation in tactical products and training solutions.

One of the most popular offerings Cyalume provides is industrial-grade SnapLights. These chemiluminescent light sticks are dependable, especially in situations when seeing and being seen are vital for safety. Because of the high standards the company puts on each of its products, a four-year warranty is placed on each one. SnapLights have been tested and proven to work in utility, hotel and business environments. Reliable and waterproof, they can be used as evacuation lights and emergency lighting during power outages.

Cyalume also provides tactical light technology such as ChemLights, which are primarily used in military procedures and doctrines. Waterproof, durable and self-contained, these lights are constantly ready to be air dropped with both personnel and equipment. These lights control darkness to the advantage of the user as they are made to military specifications in the United States and Europe.