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As a family-owned business, FoxFarm is committed to providing a widely available array of top-quality garden products. The company is known for combining excellent customer service with the highest possible quality. It strives to bring plants to life as well as make a difference in how people treat the Earth and each other. FoxFarm’s soil mixes, conditioners and fertilizers are created to replenish the soil and bring beauty to the earth in a natural way. The company also provides a variety of dry fertilizers, soluble granular fertilizers, liquid fertilizes, hydroponic systems and pest control products.

FoxFarm’s CEO, FoxFarm Willy, founded the company on the philosophy that “soil is the soul of our planet,” as those are words his father spoke to him when he was a young boy. The company aims to help gardeners get the most out of their soil. By purchasing products from FoxFarm, customers support the company’s efforts to attentively manage their resources. They promote ecological balance and the restoration of the environment from the ground up. FoxFarm also promotes a strong sense of community, as they participate in local fundraisers and volunteer activities.

FoxFarm is recognized for its line of hydroponic solutions. It offers a variety of mixtures to help plants grow and bloom. There are even products to help extend watering schedules. These mixtures are specific, such as natural and organic, extra-strength or nutrient dense. Each and every product features a special formula to help with a growing list of gardening desires. Time-release fertilizers provide fast-acting and long-lasting nutrients and minerals, while liquid and soluble fertilizers are equipped to aid in flower and fruit growth. FoxFarm also carries an extensive array of Happy Frog soil and fertilizer for a wide variety of garden types. The company’s website features success stories from their customers, complete with pictures, to illustrate the proven results of their products.