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General Hydroponics

Founded over 35 years ago, General Hydroponics has a tradition of combining nature and technology. As a leading innovator in the European and North American fields of hydroponics, they strive for quality, simplicity, innovation and a sustainable future. The company began through the inspiration of a hydroponic system of thriving plants surrounding a mountain stream. GH’s legendary pH stability was developed by Lawrence Brooke with the help of renowned botanists and chemists. One of Lawrence’s colleagues at the time, Cal Herman, is still the current head chemist for the company. GenHydro’s formulas continue to be tested in the cutting-edge research centers of UC Davis and UC Berkeley. Located in Sonoma County, California, General Hydroponics has large greenhouses of plants for testing systems and nutrients. GH also farms produce such as pumpkins and strawberries.

GH is most widely known for its nutrients and hydroponic systems, as hydroponic technology is used to produce locally grown produce in non-arable areas. Among the positive aspects of hydroponics are their ability to produce higher yields than traditional soil-based agriculture, and they eliminate the need for the use of pesticides. Hydroponics has made an impact on subjects about which many people care, such as helping to end world hunger.

At General Hydroponics, nutrients are broken down by type. This allows for the accelerated growth of plants. Their hydroponic systems make it easy to create diverse, plentiful crops and ensure success for plants of all shapes and sizes. The company’s website features a catalog of supplies and necessities to create your own hydroponics system, such as air and water pumps, hoses, fittings, Snapture SnapStands and other system parts. Their water and air pumps evenly distribute nutrients and oxygen to plant cuttings and root systems. They are efficient, reliable and easy to use. GH offers many sizes and shapes of hoses and fittings to replace or reconfigure a hydroponic system. A Snapture Snapstand includes plastic support stand pieces that allow for the complete assembly of a hydroponic system without using tools. Designed for strength, the pieces snap into place to support the stand. In addition, if you are looking for other system parts, GH offers parts for aeroponics systems, cloning/growing systems and drip hydroponic systems. Literature, instructions and feeding schedules are available on their website for specific product lines to better spread General Hydroponics’ knowledge of hydroponic systems.