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Based in California, Gro Pro Garden Supply caters to both hobbyist and professional gardeners. The company prides itself on offering the best products, as well as prices, in the industry. The company sells many garden supply brands including HydroFarm, FoxFarm, General Hydroponics, Root Organics, and Active Air. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or have had years of experience, Gro Pro Garden Supply offers the right solutions for you to get the best results possible.

Among its many popular offerings, Gro Pro offers a line of General Hydroponics products, which includes a wide variety of nutrient solutions to grow more lush gardens. The beginning growers can take care of their garden with confidence using the Gro Box starter kit. Those in need of containers can choose fabric pots, which provide support for growing plants, but still allow the roots to receive air. A wide range of products are available, and gardeners can trust that all of Gro Pro’s solutions are designed to help yield higher quantities and quality produce.

Under the Active Air brand, Gro Pro offers many different sizes and shapes of air filters at value price. These filters are maintenance free and complete with long-lasting virgin charcoal that works to keep air free of odors. Also offered under this brand are Active Air In-Line Duct Fans that operate quietly with a thermally protected motor and UL-recognized components.

Gro Pro also sells reflector units under the HydroFarm brand. These reflectors are cost effective and work for first time gardeners and experts alike. Sold at a cost-effective value price, reflectors are built with solid materials and are compatible with all HydroFarm ballasts. Gardeners can find all the tools they need such as pruners, shears, and clippers. Gro Pro also provides entire garden systems that allow gardeners to grow both indoors and out. These systems are available with or without media and can be customized to each customer’s desire.