Halco Halco

Since 1974, Halco has been proudly serving the top distributers across the nation. The company serves electrical distributors, lighting distributors and lighting showrooms, with products designed for residential, industrial, commercial and special lighting applications. Halco’s production capabilities and manufacturing expertise allow this company to create a broad selection of superior products.

Among its most popular products, Halco has a comprehensive offering of high-quality compact fluorescent ballasts and LED lamps. Compact fluorescent ballasts are a great energy-saving alternative to halogen and incandescent lights and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. These ballasts are lightweight and easy to transport. With the flexibility to be used in various applications, compact fluorescent ballasts offer energy savings and quiet operation.

Consumers looking to save money and energy without sacrificing a beautifully lit space can also look to Halco’s selection of LED lamps. Halco’s LED lights come in various bulb shapes to be well-suited for a wide range of applications, and this selection also includes the award-winning ProLED line, which features an array of specialty lamps. For more unique lighting needs, the company offers a selection of light fixtures including panel and volumetric panel lights, downlights and landscape lighting. Halco also covers the need for lighting accessories such as capacitors, ignitors, socket adapters and extenders and tube guards.

The company prides itself additionally on offering a line of energy-efficient Eco-Shield® lamps. Among this product line are plug-in CFLs that can save up to 80 percent in energy costs compared to that of standard incandescent lamps, have lead-free glass, are low maintenance and have a guaranteed long life span. These plug-ins are available in a variety of types and come in wattages from 5- to 57-watts with tri-phosphor coating to enhance lumen efficacy and color rendering. This lighting solution is most commonly used for wall sconces, down lighting, task lighting and security applications.