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Hatch Hatch

Beginning as Hatch Transformers in 1985, the company started with the goal of developing electronic compact fluorescent ballasts and electronic low-voltage transformers for the lighting industry. The original circuitry for both of these product lines was created and manufactured locally in the Hatch offices in Tampa, Florida. At the time, all CFL lamps were operated with magnetic ballasts, as electronic ballasts were just beginning to be implemented by the industry. Through the 1990s and 2000s, Hatch continued to develop its product line and evolve into the respected and recognized lighting manufacturer it is today. The company is even further developed today, with a new global headquarters and a state-of-the-art research and development lab for product advancement and testing.

For more than 25 years, Hatch Lighting has been providing the lighting industry with high-quality products. As an independent manufacturer, Hatch Lighting combines top-notch customer service with premier innovative products. The Florida-based company is known worldwide for its innovative use of power-supply technology, as well as its individualized support for customers. With products ranging from LED drivers to landscape transformers, Hatch continues to hone its superior manufacturing practices.

Providing its customers with a selection of LED drivers, Hatch has constant-current models, those that use multiple case configurations, drivers that support phase dimming and those with constant voltage. These LED drivers have self-contained power supplies that match the characteristics of the LED used. The company also has a variety of fluorescent ballasts, which are required in order to use a fluorescent lamp. The ballast regulates the energy running through the lamp so it isn’t over-stimulated. Hatch also offers electronic ballasts, magnetic ballasts and transformers. Hatch has never stopped development, and continues to study and design new ballasts, transformers, and drivers. This means its customers will have access to the cutting edge of the lighting industry’s electronic power-supply segment for years to come.