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As the world leader in solid-state lighting in miner’s cap lights, MSi prides itself on being the lighting solution for gold and platinum mines throughout the world. The Florida-based lighting company manufactures headlamps that are lighter, brighter, clearer and longer-lasting than their standard counterparts for miners who find themselves underground in dark, harsh conditions. Miners used to wear a heavy battery attached to a hot halogen light inches from their head. By utilizing LED lights, MSi makes it possible for miners to be able to work in brightness without any added heat from a less-efficient, cumbersome light bulb. Another bonus provided by the technology, is that LEDs are also able to perform consistently throughout an entire shift.

incorporates several advanced technologies into its variety of LED lamps. CrimpFin Heat Sink is a thermal management system that ensures the long life of LEDs and electronics. MSi’s iPAR series and xPAR series products use the CrimpFin design to increase the surface area and thermal transfer efficiency. This allows for a lighter and cooler product.

Another technology offered is custom optics. These MSi lamps are specially designed and manufactured for spot and accent lighting purposes. They incorporate high CBCP to spot merchandise without losing peripheral light or wide beam angles. These lamps also have smooth lambertian patterns, which allow for general lighting needs without watermarks, shadows or lines.

The heart of MSi products are electronics that deliver maximum efficiency and boast a warranty of five years with an expected life of 50,000 hours. Dimmable versions of electronic products provide efficient control of LEDs by using a two-stage regulator, which allows for a power factor greater than 0.95. In situations that utilize multiple dimmers, a microcontroller in the product implements algorithms to ensure proper operation of each dimmer. MSi also carries the highest quality of Cree LEDs.