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Roots Organics Roots Organics

Developed by the manufacturing company Aurora Innovations, Roots Organics is a line of hydroponic solutions for flowers, fruit, vegetables and greenery. Aurora Innovations started as a greenhouse supply and lighting manufacturer, but as its knowledge of the business grew, the organic gardening company branched out and began diving into product design as well. Aurora Innovations prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients, equipment and approach when developing plant nutrients. Currently the company distributes its line of Roots Organics to well-known retailers across the country.

Aurora Innovations is committed to being part of the larger community and take opportunities to participate as a responsible corporate citizen. The company only distributes through fine retailers and relies on their continuous feedback. The structure of its business supports local communities and develops relationships between suppliers and growers. The company hosts several events per year to support the community by contributing to local music, charitable organizations, awareness of the growing industry, and opportunities for human advancement.

Among some of its most popular products, you’ll find the Buddha Grow solution, a vegetative stimulator designed to increase yields and enhance the flavor of soil-grown plants. Gardeners growing flowers can rely on bloom stimulators to enhance their flower’s quality and aroma, which are designed to be used from the early flowering stage up to harvest.

Other products offered by Roots Organics include nutrients designed to increase yield and offer protection for plants. These nutrients are all comprised of 100% organic ingredients in a special formula to achieve maximum results. Use them alone, as a top dress or as a supplement to other formulas. These organic nutrient blends can be used along with Roots Organics Uprising Bloom during a plant’s flowering phase to give it an even more powerful boost. While appealing to the organic minded person, these products also save time and money.